2017 STATS



youths completed vocational training courses in Lebanon


refugee teens learned basic Arabic, English, and math


preschool teachers were trained and mentored throughout the West Bank and Gaza


Unlocking Potential

Education has the power to transform lives, building the foundation for a brighter future. But poverty and conflict can make it difficult to access quality education in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.

High levels of stress and anxiety negatively affect the healthy growth and development of young people. Run-down and overcrowded classrooms are not suited for learning and outdated materials make it difficult for students to keep up with their peers.

In Lebanon, the influx of 1.5 million Syrian refugees has put a strain on the country’s entire education system. Palestinian and Syrian youth drop out of school at an alarming rate, while others have never been enrolled.

With your help, Anera is giving people in the Middle East access to learning opportunities from preschool through college. Innovative and flexible projects in early childhood education, non-formal basic education, school infrastructure, information technology, after-school programming and vocational education are helping people of all ages discover their potential.   

Palestinian children

deserve a bright future

Anera helps Palestinian kids pursue their dreams, from preschool through university.

Syrian teens

are NOT part of a lost generation

Flexible courses and safe spaces help youths get back on track

Your support

means everything to young people

Meet Saja in Nahr El Bared camp. She's taking full advantage of Anera's educational support.


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