2020 STATS



refugee youths learned Arabic, English math and valuable job skills across Lebanon


preschoolers began learning in newly built or renovated schools in the West Bank and Gaza


vocational students in Lebanon earned income while working on community improvement activities with Anera


Unlocking Potential

Education has the power to transform lives, building the foundation for a brighter future. But poverty and conflict can make it difficult to access quality education in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.

High levels of stress and anxiety negatively affect the healthy growth and development of young people. Run-down and overcrowded classrooms are not suited for learning and outdated materials make it difficult for students to keep up with their peers.

In Lebanon, the influx of 1.5 million Syrian refugees has put a strain on the country’s entire education system. Palestinian and Syrian youth drop out of school at an alarming rate, while others have never been enrolled.

With your help, Anera is giving people in the Middle East access to learning opportunities from preschool through college. Innovative and flexible projects in early childhood education, non-formal basic education, school infrastructure, information technology, after-school programming and vocational education are helping people of all ages discover their potential.

Palestinian children

deserve a bright future

Anera helps Palestinian kids pursue their dreams, from preschool through university.

Syrian teens

are NOT part of a lost generation

Flexible courses and safe spaces help youths get back on track

Your support

means everything to young people

Meet Nagham. She lives with her family in a tent camp in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. Despite her circumstances, Nagham's passion for learning hasn't diminished.


Our Priorities

Hoda is a 3-year-old refugee living in one of the Lebanon camps.

Early Childhood Development

Only one-third of four- and five-year-olds participate in education programs in Palestine. In addition to the many challenges that Palestinian children face, they are also missing out on some of the most fundamental educational years. That’s why Anera established the Right Start program, which supports West Bank and Gaza preschools and community organizations. The Right Start program doesn’t only educate preschoolers — it also gives teachers and parents the tools they need to ensure a healthy future for their children.

Non-formal education for refugees in Lebanon

Non-Formal Education

More than half of refugees in Lebanon camps are under age 18. However, refugee camps usually don’t have safe places where children can learn. With widespread poverty among refugees, teenagers and young adults feel forced to work to support their families.

For refugees, a traditional education may not be the most beneficial — the subjects and lessons that apply to one person may not be useful for the next. Since everyone deserves to learn how to tell their unique stories and solve problems throughout their lives, Anera provides non-formal refugee education support that adjusts to each child’s situation.

A student does Anera training in Lebanon to become a plumber.

Job Skills Training

Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon have high unemployment levels and few sources of vocational training. This causes refugees and non-refugees alike to struggle in a job market that requires skills they haven’t learned. Anera provides scholarships, teaches non-formal skills courses and supports local institutions to give job-seekers in-demand knowledge.

Anera builds and renovates schools in Palestine.

Building and Equipping Schools

Unfortunately, many Palestinian schools don’t have the resources they need for students to learn and succeed. Amenities like running water, reading materials and science equipment are in high demand. Learners of all ages, whether they’re in preschool or university, deserve to get an education safely and comfortably. That’s why your contributions enabled us to renovate three Palestinian secondary schools in 2017.

Teaching music in Palestine.

Art, Music and Culture

A curriculum that includes lessons in art, music and culture can help young students grow and give older students an emotional outlet — education is not only about math, science and language. Many refugees and disadvantaged youth have restricted opportunities for cultural activities, making it even more crucial to include these subjects in their education experience. Anera organizes several arts and culture programs in the community, funds music education and trains teachers to integrate art into their lesson plans.

Preschooler in Gaza at her destroyed school, benefits from Anera's psychosocial work

Psychosocial Support

Children living through the conflicts in Palestine and Lebanon have an increased risk of psychological trauma and mental illness. When trauma happens at a young age, the consequences can impact someone’s growth and development. Anera hosts sports and arts activities that let youth express their feelings in a safe space. Some people may need medical attention to resolve a mental illness as well — such as prescription medication and professional counseling or therapy sessions. Anera also provides refugees with the opportunity to relieve conditions like anxiety and depression.


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