Building and Equipping Schools

Crumbling Infrastructure

Children and youth everywhere need clean, safe spaces to learn. Unfortunately, schools in Palestine are often crumbling and overcrowded.

Many Palestinian schools operate on shoestring budgets with limited resources. As a result, they often don’t have running water or working toilets, let alone reading corners or science labs.

Although they are meant to be safe havens, schools in Gaza and the West Bank are often damaged or completely destroyed during periods of violence and war.

Safe Spaces for Learning

For decades, Anera has been improving schools and educational facilities throughout the Middle East. In preschools and universities, community centers and vocational classrooms, we step in where we’re needed to ensure young people have safe spaces to learn and grow and the tools they need to succeed.

We build new structures and add classrooms onto existing ones. We install sanitation systems that make bathrooms clean and water safe to drink. Science labs are equipped with microscopes and beakers. Libraries are filled with books and computers.

From 2023, we built 13 bright, spacious new preschools across Palestine, serving 900 children a year.

Our education experts take every detail into consideration, whether that means providing kid-friendly furniture or making sure facilities are welcoming and accessible for all.

How It Works

  • Infrastructure Upgrades

    We hire local workers to build new schools and upgrade existing ones to create bright, safe and inspiring learning environments.

  • Learning Materials

    We equip schools with quality learning materials like age-appropriate books, toys, computers and musical instruments.

  • Accessible Classrooms

    Ramps and elevators allow students with disabilities to access the education they deserve.

  • Gender Inclusivity

    Girls and young women transform their lives through education in safe spaces, designed to take social concerns into consideration.

In May 2023, Anera and Palestine’s Ministry of Education were proud to inaugurate a new preschool in the West Bank Palestinian village of As Sammu, located near Hebron.