With an influx of refugees from four regional wars in just 70 years and a lack of water resources, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its people have endured many challanges.

Palestinian Refugees in Jordan

According to UNRWA, there are more than 2 million registered Palestinian refugees in Jordan today. The first Palestinian refugees arrived in Jordan during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and were followed by a second exodus in the wake of the 1968 War and Israel's military occupation the West Bank. Jordan also hosts nearly ten thousand Palestinian refugees from Syria who fled the war there over the last eight years and face numerous challenges in regard to their refugee and legal status.

Today, most Palestinian refugees have full citizenship in Jordan, but a large percentage live below the national poverty line and lack access to quality education and health care. There are ten Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan which accommodate eighteen percent (370,000) of all Palestinian refugees in Jordan.

Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Jordan hosts nearly 1.4 million refugees who have fled the war in Syria since 2011. Although there are five refugee camps for Syrians in Jordan, close to ninety percent live in urban poverty within Jordanian cities while looking for work to survive. Many lack access to jobs or educational opportunities due to interrupted education, poverty, psychological trauma and statelessness. According to the UNHCR, eighty-five percent of Syrian refugees in Jordan live below the poverty line, with almost half being children.

Other Challenges

Although Jordan has a diverse and growing economy, nearly a quarter of working-age Jordanians of all backgrounds are unemployed or under-employed and thirteen percent of all citizens live below the poverty line. Educational and employment opportunities are difficult to obtain for these vulnerable and poorer communities and keep many in a cycle of poverty.


The Situation in Jordan

2 million

Palestinian refugees live in Jordan

A large percentage live below the national poverty line and lack access to quality education and health care.

1.4 million

refugees from Syria

live in urban poverty and lack access to jobs or educational opportunities.


of Jordanian citizens

live below the national poverty line.

Anera's History in Jordan

From 2004 to 2011, Anera maintained an office in Jordan that managed several programs for families in poor communities and refugee camps. Our four local, full-time staff in Amman delivered:

  • An after-school tutoring programs in math, Arabic, English and basic computer skills for Iraqi refugees and Jordanian students.
  • A 10-month outreach campaign in Wehdat refugee camp to educate women about the risks and signs of breast cancer.
  • Screenings and treatments for persons with hearing and visual impairments in the Sukhneh camp.
  • $400,000+ worth of donated humanitarian supplies, such as hygiene packages, blankets, wheelchairs and school supply kits.
  • Capacity-building and training workshops, empowering 150 young women to start up income generating projects.

Returning to Jordan

Anera returns to Jordan to help support Palestinian and Syrian refugees, beginning with our in-kind program, which distributes vital medicines and other supplies, including antibiotics, medicine for chronic illnesses, and wheelchairs. In addition to medical donations, Anera also provides kits for school and hygiene as well as relief supplies like blankets.