High Unemployment in Palestine and Lebanon

In Lebanon, Palestinian and Syrian refugees face discrimination in the labor market. It is illegal for them to work in most professions.

The majority of refugees in Lebanon are restricted from all but menial jobs. Among the few jobs available, those that pay well require special skills.

In Gaza, a decade-long blockade and three wars have decimated the local economy and cut off commerce. By some estimates, Gaza’s unemployment rate is the highest in the world. In the West Bank, checkpoints and walls disrupt the flow of labor and trade, limit imports and exports, and hamper development.

Economic Development

From training to employment, improving family livelihoods has long been an integral part of Anera economic development in Palestine and Lebanon.

Anera’s projects also directly provide work for people across a variety of sectors – construction, civic planning, health, education, and more. Staff come from the communities they serve and they work with local contractors and institutions to deliver quality programming.

How We Help

  • Job Training

    Training is critical to gaining or perfecting skills that translate to better job or livelihood prospects. Anera’s vocational education in Lebanon equips thousands of young Palestinian and Syrian refugees with skills to join and move up in the workforce. Anera training in early childhood development helps preschool teachers gain professional certification. Our agronomists teach farming families best practices for irrigation and greenhouse maintenance so they can maximize limited resources.

  • Palestinian Cooperatives

    In the West Bank, Anera builds the capacity of agricultural cooperatives. Thousands of member farmers have improved their livelihoods because of equipment, training, loans, infrastructure and other support Anera has made available for nearly five decades.

  • Microfinance & Small Business Loans

    The Gaza Women’s Loan Fund provides working capital to low income women to reduce poverty, create employment, and generate income. Since its start in 1995, Anera’s fund has supported 6,000 women across Gaza. Small loans, totalling more than $7 million, have helped seamstresses, grocers, farmers, artisans and many others successfully run businesses that support their families and provide needed services to the community.


This film features six people who have flourished over the years thanks to the on-going support of Anera's community of donors.