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Refugee Stories

By offering emergency relief, resources, economic development, education and other essentials, Anera is working toward both immediate support and a brighter future for refugees. These are their stories.

On this page, you can read about how the Beit Lahia clinic is making everything from dental care to neonatal screenings more accessible to refugees. Or about how the Gaza Women’s Loan Fund is giving away seed money to women entrepreneurs like Aida, who now runs her own embroidery business.

In Lebanon, your support has helped us create culturally sensitive schools for Syrian refugees like Fatima, as well as vocational training for Hassan, who went from struggling to keep up in an overcrowded classroom to excelling in a more hands-on plumbing program.

These and other success stories show that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for improving the lives of those living in refugee camps. By working in and with the communities we serve, and engaging local talent, Anera and its teams in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank are putting your donations to work in meaningful ways. Read on to learn more.


In parts of the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon where food security is an ongoing concern, building local capacity around agriculture is key to creating more sustainable communities. Anera has a long history of helping people in these regions gain access to healthy, sustainable food and creating employment opportunities through local agriculture initiatives.

Your donations have funded and provided on-the-ground engineering support for more than 1,100 greenhouse projects in Gaza, where countless families are now growing their own fruits and vegetables. For example, your support has helped Akram, from Beit Lahia, turn his small strawberry farm into both a source of revenue and a local tourist attraction.

Thanks to you, we've been able to install sustainable irrigation systems in the West Bank and Gaza, we've implemented biogas digesters that turn agricultural waste into usable fuel for area families. Through partnerships with farmers, academics and relief workers, we're building capacity in the areas where it's needed most, with respect for the environment and the customs and skills of the people in the communities we serve.

Read more of our many success stories below.


Healthy communities require more than just access to basic necessities. At Anera, our goal is to help people in some of the world's most insecure regions by empowering them with the tools they need to improve their lives. With your support, we're able to achieve this goal in many ways.

Our community-focused sports activities engage women and youth, creating opportunities for all. Through our programming, we've helped people like Othman, of the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, gain soccer coaching skills he can pass along to underprivileged children.

Our vocational courses benefit people like Mohammed — of Tripoli, Lebanon — who refused to let his physical disabilities stand in the way of realizing his dream of becoming a graphic designer. We've also helped Mashhour — of Akkar, Lebanon — parlay his love of technology into a career in mobile phone maintenance.

For people living in refugee camps, the simple joys of playing sports and having meaningful work can make a huge difference. With your support, our teams are developing smart, community-focused programming that helps youth and adults alike achieve these goals. If you want to find out even more about how your gifts help, read some of our success stories below.


As it is for communities around the world, for people living in refugee camps, education is the key to a better life. With your help, Anera is working to open doors and create new opportunities for refugees in Palestine and Lebanon.

Aya, a young woman living in Sidon, Lebanon, was able to access free sewing classes through Anera's non-formal education and job skills program, a partnership with UNICEF. The program also connected her with an internship with a seamstress in her community, which ultimately led to a position at a local workshop. Thanks to this progress, Aya and her family are now able to live comfortably.

Aya's story isn't unique. She's one of more than 4,100 people who have found hope and opportunity through the program, and that's just one of our initiatives. A scholarship from Anera, for example, helped Rayan graduate from the top of her nursing class at Sidoon University College.

Your support has also helped us improve infrastructure and install solar power in schools in Hatta and Jalqamous, West Bank. Our Early Childhood Development program has donated books and educational games to preschools in Palestine.

From preschool to higher education, formal training to informal skills-building, Anera's programs are succeeding in some of the world's most vulnerable places thanks to your support. Read more stories below.


Support during an emergency or crisis can come in many forms. At Anera, your support helps people at their most vulnerable. This assistance can involve providing emergency supplies, clothes or anything else that makes refugees safer, healthier, more secure or more comfortable.

Our teams on the ground in Lebanon were there to provide emergency health care services when violent clashes in the Ein El Hilweh refugee camp shut down the public hospital in nearby Sidon City. Thanks to your donations, we've also been able to deliver urgently needed bags of blood to the Gaza Central Blood Bank and provide 1,100 essential care kits to Syrian refugees in Akkar, Lebanon.

But emergency support is about more than just taking care of the bare necessities. It's also about helping people regain a sense of security. We've done this by bringing healthy food packages to Gaza families during Ramadan and providing jackets and boots that bring comfort when the cold and rainy winter season comes to the region. Other initiatives include building playgrounds specifically for refugee children with special needs and providing mental health care for adults dealing with trauma and PTSD.

These stories represent just some of the many ways Anera is providing emergency relief to refugees in Palestine and Lebanon. Read more of our success stories below.


Good health is the foundation of a meaningful life. With your support, Anera is working to improve the health of refugees in Palestine and Lebanon. We do so not just through emergency interventions but also by actively building infrastructure that will make ongoing care in these regions more accessible and effective.

Take, for example, the case of Rabab, a young woman living in Hebron, Palestine. Though otherwise healthy and able-bodied, Rabab was suffering from chronic asthma — exacerbated by a smoking habit — that made it difficult to breathe and sleep. With help from the Hebron Charitable Medical Center, an Anera partner, Rabab was able to access better medicine as well as tools to help her quit smoking.

When it comes to improving quality of life, simple interventions like this are just as important as emergency medical aid. Read Rabab's story, as well as other examples of how Anera and its partners are improving health care delivery in Lebanon and Palestine.


Water is essential to life. It's something many of us don't think about, but for people living in insecure regions, getting access to fresh, clean and drinkable water can be a daily struggle. In Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, Anera's teams are working to improve water access and, ultimately, build more sustainable communities.

Your support has helped us take on ambitious projects such as a well rehabilitation in Beit Hanoun, a remote community in northern Gaza, where previously water could only be brought in by donkey cart. We've also installed eco-friendly water reuse systems on farms in the West Bank, making agriculture more sustainable and improving food security in the region.

The Palestinian water crisis is an ongoing issue for refugees and residents alike. Through collaborations with local experts and gifts from generous supporters like you, Anera is making meaningful change one project at a time and helping people gain access to the water they need for daily life. Read about some of the many ways your donations are building capacity, upgrading infrastructure and improving lives in the stories below.