Our Impact


Good health is the foundation of a meaningful life. With your support, Anera is working to improve the health of refugees in Palestine and Lebanon. We do so not just through emergency interventions but also by actively building infrastructure that will make ongoing care in these regions more accessible and effective.

Take, for example, the case of Rabab, a young woman living in Hebron, Palestine. Though otherwise healthy and able-bodied, Rabab was suffering from chronic asthma — exacerbated by a smoking habit — that made it difficult to breathe and sleep. With help from the Hebron Charitable Medical Center, an Anera partner, Rabab was able to access better medicine as well as tools to help her quit smoking.

When it comes to improving quality of life, simple interventions like this are just as important as emergency medical aid. Read Rabab’s story, as well as other examples of how Anera and its partners are improving health care delivery in Lebanon and Palestine.