Our Impact


In parts of the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon where food security is an ongoing concern, building local capacity around agriculture is key to creating more sustainable communities. Anera has a long history of helping people in these regions gain access to healthy, sustainable food and creating employment opportunities through local agriculture initiatives.

Your donations have funded and provided on-the-ground engineering support for more than 1,100 greenhouse projects in Gaza, where countless families are now growing their own fruits and vegetables. For example, your support has helped Akram, from Beit Lahia, turn his small strawberry farm into both a source of revenue and a local tourist attraction.

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to install sustainable irrigation systems in the West Bank and Gaza, we’ve implemented biogas digesters that turn agricultural waste into usable fuel for area families. Through partnerships with farmers, academics and relief workers, we’re building capacity in the areas where it’s needed most, with respect for the environment and the customs and skills of the people in the communities we serve.

Read more of our many success stories below.