MAY 25, 2022

Gaza: 15 Years Under Siege - WEBINAR

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
(12 p.m. ET | 4 p.m. GMT | 7 p.m. Gaza)


In June 2007 Israel’s air, land and sea blockade of Gaza started in the wake of Hamas’ assumption of power. 15 years later - the siege is tighter than ever. A wall and the sea imprison Gaza’s two million residents.

The blockade has created problems wherever you look in Gaza. The economy is closed off – import and export of goods are severely restricted. Unemployment rates in Gaza hover around 50 percent. Hospitals suffer from a lack of specialized medical professionals as well as healthcare supplies and medicines. Essentials like water and electricity have long been in short supply. Young people rarely can leave Gaza to pursue educational dreams.

Anera's community of supporters has been there all along. The work we do is not a response. It’s building beyond the present, beyond the bandaids we occasionally need to apply. The Anera family is investing in the future so that Gaza can thrive and get better over time.

Join this webinar of experts to learn more about the effects of 15 years of siege on Gaza and what our community can do to help.

Moderated by Anera President & CEO Sean Carroll.

Expert Panelists:

  • Jehad Abusalim is the education and policy associate of the Palestine Activism Program at the American Friends Service Committee. His main area of research is Palestinian and Arab perceptions of Zionism and the Jewish question before 1948. Jehad combines his passion for history with his commitment to activism and policy change work. 

  • Dr Yasser Abu-Jamei is a Palestinian psychiatrist who trained in 2012 in Birmingham, UK. He is the director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, which uses a bio-psycho-social model of care that recognizes the context of oppression and recurring bombardment that Gazans live through every day. 

  • Reem Abu Jaber is the founder and executive director of the Nawa for Culture and Arts Association in Deir Al Balah, Gaza. Because of Reem and her team of dedicated educators, thousands of Palestinian children, families and educators in Gaza have access to cultural, artistic and psycho-social programs.

  • Rania Elhilou is Anera’s communications manager in Palestine, where she reports on Anera’s impact on the ground and reports on the realities that Palestinians face in their daily lives. We regularly feature her stories, blog posts and films on our social media channels (@aneraorg) and website (

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