Annual Report


In 2022 the Anera community went above and beyond for families and vulnerable communities in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Thanks to you, Anera was able to deliver

more than $100 million in sustainable development and relief programs

that build up the capacity of vulnerable communities to confront challenges.

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spent on projects and programs in the Middle East.

Support from thousands of individual donors from 77 countries, and many institutional, governmental and multilateral donors is making a positive, long-term difference on the ground. Thank you!

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Your donation in 2022...

Provided 2,031 youth in Lebanon with vocational training in employable skills like IT, construction, healthcare, sewing and agriculture.

Constructed 3 new preschools and refurbished an existing preschool in Palestine.

Taught 825 out-of-school youth in Lebanon Arabic, math, and English.

Trained 19 Palestinian preschool teachers in key early childhood education topics.

Protected 670 girls from early marriage in northern Lebanon by supporting their continued education.

Provided healthy meals for 1,400 preschool children in 12 Gaza preschools

“I love Lebanon and don’t want to leave to find work. I will stay here despite all the odds and hope that one day, with the efforts of young people like me, we will rise again and create an even stronger nation.”

— 18-year-old Mohammad attended Anera’s mobile repair course in Lebanon, adding to his list of skills in IT, where he sees a future for himself.

“We do Model UN each year but struggle because of the lack of space. Now, with the expanded building, I have the space to develop my ideas, host other schools, and expand the program.”

Waheba is the head of the English and French departments at the Rosary Sisters School in Gaza. Anera added to the school a new floor with five classrooms.

“This preschool building program is important for many reasons: children will have access to vital care and education; the ministry will employ women teachers in poor communities and the new preschools will act as training centers for new teachers. A truly sustainable project to benefit many generations to come.”

Sulieman Mleahat, Anera’s education program manager in Palestine, on the new preschool Anera built in As-Sammu in the West Bank.


Your donation in 2022...

Distributed 111 shipments of medicines and healthcare supplies valued at $76.6 million.

Supported 22 future nurses in Lebanon with intensive training scholarships. 10 of our technical nurses passed their exams with distinction.

Delivered 342 doses of vital cancer medication to Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Mobilized 8,000 households in five Palestinian camps in Lebanon to improve their personal and environmental health.

Delivered 108,400 hot meals for six weeks to thousands of displaced families and others affected by the bombings of Gaza in May 2021.

Provided 4,500 meals in Jordan through a combination of door-to-door distributions and iftar gatherings.

“The drug shortages have really damaged my physical and mental health. I can’t afford to buy the medicine. And doctors have tried alternatives but they really haven’t helped. Now that I have access to adalimumab again, I can live my life normally.”

Solieman, 24, lives in Gaza and has Crohn’s – a debilitating disease for which he needs regular treatments. Anera delivered his medicine and he is himself again.

“I respond to any fire or explosion in the Beirut metro area. Our ambulances drive with the fire fighting trucks, so we can attend to both fires and injuries. We’ve been suffering from a lack of finances for years, and we have a huge need for new equipment and supplies.”

Mashhoor, a paramedic with the Beirut Fire Brigade, talks of some of the needs Anera helped to fill with a shipment of kits customized for wildfire response and burn injuries.

“I can no longer pay for the generator bill. Its prices have gotten very high, and it doesn’t even provide many hours of electricity...[the Solight] helps us move around the house at night. It’s much safer than candles, and costs us nothing!”

Fairouz, a 40-year-old Syrian mother of five in southern Lebanon, speaks of the solar-powered lantern Anera provided to her family.


Your donation in 2022...

Installed over five miles of pipes and connected 240 homes to water supplies in Beit Hanoun, Gaza.

Installed water-saving greenhouses on 15 rooftops in the West Bank and 7 in Gaza.

Provided 113 women entrepreneurs from 32 West Bank villages with materials, equipment and training to grow or start small businesses.

Increased earning potential for 37 farmers in Akkar through new greenhouses, irrigation systems, seedlings, fertilizers, and training.

Improved access to water for 42,000 Gaza residents through well rehabilitation and upgrades to distribution networks in Gaza City, Khan Younis and Rafah.

Erected 17 solar powered water desalination units in Gaza.

“I was thinking about how to start this business even before connecting with Anera’s project… Beekeeping is really what suits me. Every day I discover something new about bees and I believe I produce high-quality honey.”

Tahani lives near Ramallah, West Bank. She is a mother of five and the sole breadwinner for her family. Anera’s Women Can program helped her launch a honey business.

“I’ve been playing here for seven years and I have never seen the club up to this standard. We’ve never received so many phone calls and had this amount of visits from people and families wanting to join.”

Dalia (middle), 21-year-old professional basketball player and coach, describes the situation at the Gaza Sport Club after Anera’s extensive renovations.

“My mother enrolled me in this program that protects minors by educating them. She is doing everything she can to avoid my getting married anytime soon.”

Hala is a teenager in northern Lebanon who is in Anera’s Sama Project, which pays families stipends that allow them to better support and keep their girls in school rather than marrying them off at an early age.


Mousa is a cancer patient in Beirut who is grateful that Anera’s shipment of medicines will allow him to maintain his vital treatments.

Shawqi is a Gaza farmer whose family is benefiting from a greenhouse, irrigation system, seedlings and training that Anera provided.

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