Annual Report

The year brought more bombings in Gaza, an explosion and economic collapse in Lebanon, further encroachment of settlements in the West Bank, and the continued spread of COVID-19. Yet, Anera’s supporters stepped up as they always have and in ever greater numbers. You entrusted Anera with a record $112 million to deliver assistance in 2021.

Together with 30 institutional donors and 10,830 individual donors and local partners, Anera delivered relief while investing in job creation, infrastructure, education and long-term food security, so communities in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan are prepared to survive and overcome the challenges each new crisis brings.


Thanks to you and our local in-country partners, Anera delivered humanitarian relief and sustainable health, education, and economic development projects totaling

$112 million in 2021.

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spent on projects and programs in the Middle East

Please see Anera's audited financial reports for more information.


Your donation in 2021...

Reached 125 young students

Constructed 3 new preschools

Reached 2,316 out-of-school youth

Graduated 32 young Palestinians

Employed 1,357 vocational students

Taught 2,387 Palestinian school children

“[Anera’s] program is helpful for young people in Gaza because it teaches professional and programming skills that many youth in Gaza and the West Bank lack.”

Niveen, 19, is working as a software developer in Gaza after graduating from Anera’s coding bootcamp.

“I have learned to install greenhouses. We built five greenhouses and we grew so many vegetables that we distributed to poor families in the nearby villages.”

Tarik is a 19-year-old Lebanese student in our agricultural job skills program. His work at a hair salon disappeared with the economic crash in Lebanon.

“I know this profession is dominated by men but that is exactly why I need to do it. Girls and women in the camp feel safer if another woman repairs their phone...I see this as an opportunity!”

Batoul, from Burj El Shemali refugee camp in Lebanon, is learning how to repair phones in Anera’s vocational education courses.


Your donation in 2021...

Delivered $87 million worth of medicines

Facilitated the COVID-19 vaccination process

Provided 120 awareness classes

Paid young people in Lebanon and women in Gaza

Distributed food vouchers, good at local grocery stores,

Provided Beirut hospitals with $662,000 in cash grants

“My friend suggested I join this sewing course...I’m gaining experience and making some extra money for me and my family! And you know what?! I’m loving this work and I want to pursue it professionally in the future.”

Mariam, an 18-year-old Lebanese student from Anera’s sewing courses in Tripoli, contributed to making 1.6 million facemasks in Lebanon.

“We lost everything, including our clothing and furniture...and our stove. We couldn’t even salvage one single cooking pot. The entire kitchen is gone.”

— The father of 9-year-old Islam (pictured) describes the damage his family’s home sustained in May 2021. They got hot meals from Anera while they rebuilt their lives.

“Donated medicine is so appreciated because, without it, we would suffer twice. Once from the illness itself, and again from the lack of medicine.”

Haya, a young woman from Gaza City, is able to manage her pain thanks to medicine delivered by Anera.


Your donation in 2021...

Built up 113 women-headed businesses

Repaired 1,198 homes and businesses

Installed water purification systems at 6 community centers

Mobilized 294,165 residents

Helped 495 Gaza farming families

Connected 1,152 homes to reliable water networks

“This project has become our livelihood!”

Qusay and his family (wife and daughter pictured) were provided an Anera-built greenhouse in Gaza to combat food insecurity and provide a source of income.

“There are always clothes that people no longer want. I can turn old outfits into new ones to match current fashions. It’s tricky work, but we use our creativity.”

Khayrazan, a tailor in the village of Bita in the West Bank, got help from Anera in the form of three new sewing machines and training building her business.

“Most tanks we saw were in dire need of replacement. Often the households were left with no running water, so they needed to buy all their water at the shop in gallons or even bottles.”

Mohammad, a sanitation technician and plumber with Anera’s Beirut reconstruction team, describes installing water tanks on people’s homes after the Beirut blast.


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Farmers participating in Anera's greenhouse program earn income by selling produce to women’s cooperatives for meal preparation.

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Farms to Fosool (Classrooms)

Women’s Livelihoods

Members of women’s cooperatives use their cooking skills and earn an income preparing fresh, healthy lunches for preschoolers.


Schools & Nutrition

Preschoolers from schools in Anera’s early childhood education program eat daily lunches that improve their health and mental development.


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