Annual Report


In 2023, thanks to you, Anera delivered $171 million in programs that build up the capacity of vulnerable communities to confront challenges.

Anera’s 107 staff in the Middle East, all of whom come the communities they serve, impacted the lives of 2.9 million Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians and Jordanians through humanitarian and development programs.

Support from thousands of individual donors from 77 countries, and many institutional, governmental and multilateral donors is making a positive, long-term difference in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

Thank you!

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for projects and programs in the Middle East.

5% community development
4% health
3% education
84% medical and humanitarian relief distributed

Please see Anera's audited financial reports for more information.


Your donation in 2023...

Allowed 3,357 youths in Lebanon to learn vocational skills in construction, healthcare, IT, etc.

Provided basic math and literacy courses for 1,297 youths in Lebanon.

Inaugurated 3 new kindergartens in the West Bank in As Sammu, Deir Qaddis, and Nabi Saleh, educating 400+ children each year.

Renovated 11 kindergartens in Gaza, fitting them with solar panels and reverse osmosis systems to provide free electricity and drinking water.

Served nutritious daily meals to 1,100+ Gaza children in 11 kindergartens through the Farms to Fosool program.

Provided educational laptops and digital learning to 300 students from vulnerable backgrounds in Jordan.

“Don’t let society prevent you from doing what you want to do. Don’t answer to your environment. It’s up to us to change mentalities. We are girls. And we can!”

Hala is a 21-year-old from Tripoli, Lebanon and a graduate of Anera’s carpentry job skills training course.

“We now have...space and facilities to do bigger things for those we serve. We provide people from very poor backgrounds with the tools needed to have a successful future.”

Hend is an English teacher at the Unlimited Friends Association educational center in Gaza. Anera completed construction on the new center in August 2022.

“We offer a healthy breakfast for the children every morning. It contains fruits, vegetables, milk, and cheese. Breakfast is mostly unaffordable for Gaza children...”

A teacher working in one of Anera’s 11 partnered preschools sees the impact of Farms to Fosool every day.


Your donation in 2023...

Delivered 98 shipments of medicines and supplies worth $148.5M to 272 health centers in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Provided cancer treatments for 38,000 patients in Lebanon.

Supported, during Ramadan, 7,814 vulnerable families across Jordan, the West Bank, and Gaza with food vouchers, and in Lebanon, distributed 4,188 family food parcels containing a balanced and nutritious diet.

Solarized 56 healthcare centers across Lebanon, benefiting some 252,896 people.

Distributed 38,600 reading glasses to patients in Jordan.

Distributed 3,500 tins of infant formula and 68,172 treatments of infant acetaminophen to families in Syria following the earthquake.

“The medicine was not always available, and our primary concern was finding it...I was afraid that if I didn’t get it, the disease would win and I would pass away.”

Fadela, a 52-year-old bowel cancer patient in Lebanon, received regular treatment thanks to Anera’s reliable deliveries of cancer medications.

“At a time when we have lost so much in Lebanon,” Adnan says, “we can no longer arm ourselves with anything other than our education. It’s the only way we can escape this situation.”

Adnan, an 18-year-old student in Lebanon, talks about the scholarship he got through Anera to become a nurse.

“Anera delivers critical and need-based aid...During Ramadan in particular, it’s essential to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable are met through quality programming.”

An Anera institutional partner on how vital Ramadan food vouchers and deliveries are for Palestinian families in Gaza.


Your donation in 2023...

Ensured 846 girls in Akkar, Lebanon at risk of early marriage stayed in school through the Sama Project.

Installed water-smart rooftop gardens on 151 homes in Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan.

Installed a solar-powered reverse osmosis system for irrigating 10 farmers’ fields in Rafah, Gaza.

Installed three new water networks serving 214,350 people in vulnerable neighborhoods in Rafah, Beit Hanoun, and Deir El Balah, Gaza.

Reduced the risks of flooding and pollution for 32,880 people by rehabilitating sewage networks in Jabalia, Gaza.

Rehabilitated the dwellings of 170 vulnerable families in Gaza to ensure they met basic livability standards and were protected from flooding.

“I have always dreamt of having a greenhouse so we can grow crops even out of season.”

Habiba, a 70-year-old widow in Gaza, has her own Anera-built greenhouse and the training she needs to grow produce for her family’s income and food security.

“If someone touches you in a wrong way, it means he is bad, not you.”

— A girl participating in our Sama Project holds up this quote during an awareness session in Tripoli, Lebanon. The project helps mitigate instances of early marriage.

“I always had the gift of sewing, but not the money to do anything with my talent.”

Ruqayya, single mother of three in a village near Ramallah, now has the supplies and equipment to run her own sewing business and earn income.

Anera inaugurated a new school in As Sammu, West Bank, Palestine thanks to the generous support of donors.

Ali was a participant in one of Anera’s agricultural skills courses in Akkar, Lebanon.

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