2020 Annual Report

A Letter from Anera's President

Dear Anera supporter,

For most people alive today, 2020 has been the most globally disruptive and devastating year in our lifetimes. For Anera and our staff in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan, it was no consolation that the world shared almost universally the pain and challenges that we face in our work normally, often acutely and sometimes uniquely – lockdowns, restrictions on movement, strains on healthcare systems, discrimination and persecution against minorities, corruption and mismanagement, high unemployment, and precarious and faltering economies.

What did console us, and give us hope, was the response from our partners, supporters and staff. From four UN agencies; dozens of institutions, foundations, and companies; and thousands of families and individuals, Anera received and delivered, for the first time in our history, over $100 million worth of critical humanitarian aid and development programming. Amidst the pandemic and continuing political and economic hardship, Anera staff stepped up and delivered.

I am pleased to share with you our annual report with some snapshots and statistics that show you what we did with your support this past year. We have more medicine and supplies to deliver, skills and tomatoes to grow, and bricks and cable to lay, before we can say we are “building back better.” But I can reassure you that your support of Anera’s work is part of the solution. You are bringing hope and better times, and better lives, to thousands of otherwise more vulnerable people in the Middle East.

Thank you.
Yours in gratitude,

Signature of Sean Carroll President of Anera
Sean Carroll

With coronavirus cases on the rise in Gaza, hygiene education and the distribution of hygiene kits are crucial for Palestinian families to stay healthy. With support from IRUSA, Anera works with local communities in Gaza to improve personal hygiene practices and educate the public on COVID-19.


Thanks to you and our local in-country partners, Anera delivered humanitarian relief and sustainable health, education, and economic development projects totaling

$98.3 million in 2020.

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spent on projects and programs in the Middle East

Please see Anera's audited financial reports for more information.


With your support in 2020...


food insecure families

in Lebanon and Gaza received parcels filled with enough food for several weeks.



of donated medicines and supplies went to hospitals and clinics across Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.


in cash assistance

helped 2,500 families in Lebanon pay off debts and buy basic supplies, like food and clothing.


Elderly Palestinians

in Lebanon reliably accessed medicines for heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.

“We are so thankful to Anera donors for providing the medicines my children need to treat their disease.”

- Mohammed and Sara’s mother at the Caritas Children’s Hospital in Bethlehem, Palestine

Mohammed, 15, and Sara, 13, are siblings who each have cystic fibrosis. Thankfully both are able to get the vital medicines they need through medical donations from Anera.

“To improve life for children in Gaza, we have to tackle the water issue on all levels.”

- Dr. Al Wahaidi, director of the Ard El Insan clinic in Gaza City, Palestine

To help address the ongoing water crisis in Gaza, Anera donors provided a new desalination unit at the Ard El Insan clinic. This youngster is drinking from the public fountain Anera installed outside of the clinic.

“Normally, we won’t expect a package that contains vegetables, but this time we did. It meant a lot to us.”

- Rahma, a mother of nine in Zeitoun, Gaza

Rahma’s family has very little income and lives in a cramped home with almost no furniture. Hers was one of 3,552 families to whom Anera distributed generous Ramadan food parcels that included ample fresh produce from farmers in our greenhouse project.


With your support in 2020...


software engineers

from Palestine graduated from Anera’s new tech career accelerator program.



with special needs gained access to rehabilitated educational, physical and cognitive therapy facilities in Jerusalem.



from Lebanon’s camps and surrounding communities learned Arabic, English, math and job skills.


vocational students

in Lebanon earned income while working on community improvement activities with Anera.

“I learned a lot about programming and software. I learned how to deal with stress. I learned to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently.⁣ It’s a golden opportunity.”⁣

- Walaa, 19-year-old from Gaza, Palestine

Walaa studies computer systems engineering at Al-Azhar University and graduated from the Anera+RBK PLUS coding program. The program produces high quality software engineers in just 16 weeks using a curriculum developed in Silicon Valley.

“Had it not been for this course, my family and I would have ended up on the streets. It gives me hope. It feels good to be able to support my family.”⁣

- Abdul from Beddawi Palestinian Refugee Camp, Lebanon

The 22-year-old graduated from Anera’s vocational sewing course and can now support his family thanks to income he earns producing masks in the fight against COVID-19 in Lebanon.

“We seek to make access to preschool education a reality for young children in some of Palestine’s most remote and disadvantaged communities.”

- Sulieman Mleahat, Anera’s education program manager in Palestine

Anera completed construction of a new public preschool in the village of Madama, in Nablus, Palestine. The school is open to children again, after delays due to COVID-19.


With your support in 2020...


 young entrepreneurs

throughout Lebanon received kits with tools to get their businesses started.


Gaza farmers

218 Gaza farmers improved their crop production through greenhouse construction or repair.



gained access to clean water through well repairs and installation of water filtration systems in Gaza.


Palestinian women

built up their small businesses to better support themselves and their families.

“For many of these women, it’s transformational — moving them from a state of depression and inaction to becoming decision-makers and leaders in their communities.”

- Nariman Othman, Anera’s Women Can program coordinator in Palestine

Nabeha (pictured) is a widow and mother of four from the village of Aleban Al Sharqeyah in the West Bank. Through Anera’s Women Can program, Nabeha was able to purchase a freezer, mixing equipment and a small work space for her growing food delivery business.

“This greenhouse has had a huge impact on my life.”

- Mahmoud, farmer from Rafah, Gaza, Palestine

Before Anera finished building his new greenhouse, Mahmoud did not have stable work. Now he is able to support his family with a sustainable food source and extra income.

“I landed a job, in a field I love...I’m supporting my family and putting money aside for my future.”

- Norma, a young Lebanese woman from North Lebanon⁣

Norma knew early in her life that traditional school was not for her. She loved cosmetology and when she learned of Anera’s courses she enrolled. She graduated with top marks and is now earning an income in her chosen field. Norma’s goal is to become a make-up artist someday.


Fiscal year 2020 ushered in the era of COVID-19. Anera’s donors and partners really came through for Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

COVID-19, It's really not a joke!

Reaching 200,000+ people with messages about how to stay healthy.

Making 1,500,000 face masks while employing our sewing students.

Making 1,500,000 face masks while employing our sewing students.

Sending dozens of shipments of medicines and PPE to health care facilities across Palestine and Lebanon.

Sending dozens of shipments of medicines and PPE to health care facilities across Palestine and Lebanon.

Making 30,000+ hot meals and distributing 15,000+ food parcels to families throughout Gaza and Lebanon.

Making 30,000+ hot meals and distributing 15,000+ food parcels to families throughout Gaza and Lebanon.

Delivering hygiene kits 38,113 families in Lebanon and Gaza.

Delivering hygiene kits 38,113 families in Lebanon and Gaza.

Taking our basic education and job skills classes to an online platform.

Taking our basic education and job skills classes to an online platform.

Thank you!

Feeding a hungry child is an act of compassion
— not a political statement.

Providing safe places for young people to
learn and grow helps build community
— not division.

Easing refugees’ suffering, caused by war and poverty,
should inspire our shared responsibility
— not controversy.

Giving disadvantaged families access to
reliable livelihoods creates peace
— not conflict.

Ensuring that our most vulnerable communities
have access to clean water is a right
— not a privilege.

As a human being,
standing up for those who need help
is not a difficult decision.

Will you join us?

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