2018 Annual Report

In 2018, Anera spent 94% of its revenue on direct programming, providing urgent relief and life-improving development to refugee communities and other vulnerable populations across Palestine and Lebanon.



Support & Revenue




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Please see Anera's audited financial reports for more information.




worth of vital medicines, supplies and humanitarian goods were delivered to Palestine and Lebanon.



now have access to a brand new medical center in Beit Lahia, Gaza.



in refugee camps benefited from free dental care in Lebanon.


Health Centers

in Lebanon's most vulnerable communities received free medicines and supplies.



received food parcels in Gaza and Lebanon during the Ramadan season.

“I am thankful for all of Anera’s supporters and I pray for all those who never forget Gaza.”

- Amani
(left) mother and recipient of an Anera food parcel in Gaza during the Ramadan season. Anera distributed 3,367 food parcels to vulnerable families in Gaza and Lebanon.

“This center is an important part of our support system. We’re grateful for the center relieving some of our financial burdens.”

- Yousra
(left) mother and patient at the Hebron Charitable Medical Center in the West Bank. Anera supplies the medical center with 70% of its medicines free-of-charge.

“Anera has helped us carry the burden of providing much-needed tools for rehabilitation to so many people.”

- Jamal
(right) Director of the Palestinian Disability Forum (PDF) Center in Saida, Lebanon. In partnership with Anera, the PDF Center provides physical rehabilitation and other services to disabled Palestinians living within the camps.



Refugee Youth

benefited from language, math and life-skills courses in Lebanon.


Out-of-school Youth

enrolled in Anera vocational courses in Lebanon to learn a trade and improve their livelihood.



now have a new or renovated school in Palestine, providing a stimulating learning environment.



trained and mentored on early childhood development practices in Palestine.



for kindergartners was implemented nationwide in Palestine.

“Al Amal Preschool was a cement block with decaying playgrounds, windowless and inappropriate for learning. But Anera rehabilitated the school and restored hope.”

- Basima
teacher at Al Amal Preschool in Zarka, Gaza City. Basima also received training as part of Anera’s early childhood education teacher courses.

“This is the first training of its kind in Palestine. It’s a solid training course that will open doors for our children.”

- Manar Al-Aker
Head of Public Education at the Ministry of Education in Palestine referring to the 1st national curriculum for kindergarteners. The curriculum, the “Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide,” is the product of diligent work from the Ministry and local and international organizations, largely Anera and our Education Committee member Dr. Ilham Nasser.

“I learn a skill that I enjoy and support my family at the same time. These classes also help me get a moment of peace away from a stressful environment at home.”

- Aya
student participating in an Anera vocational course in Lebanon. In 2012, Aya fled Yarmouk Camp in Syria.



Residents of Gaza

now benefit from new or repaired water infrastructure in Beit Lahia. 



can now enjoy new public spaces and a women's center in the West Bank.



in vulnerable communities now have safe play areas and facilities in Lebanon.



in Gaza have a small greenhouse which provides food and income.


of Waste

eliminated in Mashha, Lebanon thanks to a new compost and recycling facility.

“The demand for clean water is very high in Gaza and our village was basically cut off from all water sources before Anera repaired our well.”

- Rasmiya
A Gaza mother who now has a reliable source of water, thanks to Anera’s work on the Abassan water well in Beit Lahia.

“I expected flooding this coming winter to be more destructive than the last. I’m relieved to know we have a new rainwater drainage channel just in time for it!”

- Taleb
grandfather who lives in the West Bank town of Jaba’. Anera constructed a concrete drainage channel in Jaba’ which will help protect about 4,000 residents and their properties in the Wad Al-Majjor valley of the West Bank from annual flooding.

“This cause is really important for the good of the environment and our village.”

- Mariam
Syrian refugee and now resident of Mashha, Lebanon. Mariam is a volunteer raising community awareness on the importance of composting as part of Anera’s solid waste management program. Volunteers like Mariam deliver sorting bins to households to encourage sorting from source. Anera donors also helped build a new composting and recycling facility for the village, reducing waste by 80% and providing revenue for the municipality.

For 50 years, Anera has helped refugees and others hurt by conflicts in the Middle East put the pieces back together. We do it by building on the resilience that lives in the hundreds of vulnerable communities we reach. Through partnerships and close consultation with local groups and communities, Anera delivers sustainable, long-term solutions as well as relief during emergencies.