2017 Annual Report

In 2017, Anera spent 95% of its revenues on education, health and economic development programs.



Support & Revenue




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refugee youths

returned to school to learn basic literacy and math.



received backpacks full of fun reading and other early literacy materials.


primary school students

studied and thrived in three newly renovated, spacious West Bank schools.

Syrian Refugees Receive School and Hygiene Kits

In Anera's non-formal education classes in Lebanon, Syrian refugees receive much needed school and hygiene kits.

Economic Development


refugee youths

received job skills training to jump-start their careers and support their families.



cleared and recycled trash in three communities in Lebanon.


communities in Gaza

were connected to water through new reservoirs and water networks.

"I am very proud of what I do. I am doing this for my own good and for the good of the environment."

Health and Relief


million dollars in shipments

of medicines and relief supplies delivered in Palestine and Lebanon.


vulnerable families

received hygiene kits and food parcels in Gaza and Lebanon.


refugee children

received free-of-charge dental care in the tented settlements of Lebanon.

Abdullah gets free health care at the charitable clinic in Dura, Palestine.

When 12-year-old Abdullah fell ill, he relied on donated medicine provided at his local charitable clinic in Dura, West Bank. Dr. Salem Dudeen explains,

With such quality donations, even our poorest patients can receive top-notch care at no cost at all.

Now Abdullah is back on his feet, helping his grandmother with chores around the house.

Letter from the President

I am only the 5th Anera president in nearly 50 years of work. Anera presidents, like our supporters, stick around through thick and thin.

As the years pass and crises come and go, hope and progress can feel elusive. The world is now witness to the largest number of displaced people in its history. Most relevant and critical to our mission is the fact that just about half of today’s 22 million refugees are Palestinian or Syrian.

Imagine for a moment if the United States population suddenly grew to 400 million, and 100 million of them were refugees. That’s the equivalent to the challenge in the small country of Lebanon, for example. It’s not easy.

But there is some good news. Anera is making a big difference. We are getting better at what we do, with more local leadership, more impact and more sustainability. Most important, we are working inclusively and across populations. Our focus is on refugees, but we work with all vulnerable groups in Palestine and Lebanon.

I am in awe of Anera’s staff and work. Just in the past year, we shipped 50 containers with $49 million worth of medicine and supplies; we connected 25 Palestinian communities to reliable water networks; we helped 8,658 young refugees go back to school in Lebanon; and we renovated 22 preschools in the West Bank and Gaza.

With the steadfast support of our donors, we at Anera look forward to continuing our great legacy while constantly looking for ways to evolve and respond to an ever-changing world. As the new President & CEO, I am honored to lead this organization.

Signature of Sean Carroll President of Anera

Sean Carroll, President & CEO


Palestinians can now access reliable water networks.


health workers raised health awareness in Lebanon's refugee camps.


preschools renovated across the West Bank and Gaza.

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