2021 STATS



hot meals for struggling families, prepared by young people in Lebanon and women in Gaza.


homes and businesses repaired that were damaged in the Beirut explosion of August 2020.

$87 million

worth of medicines and healthcare supplies delivered to Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan.


Responding to Crises

Gaza has endured 15 years of closure and four bombing campaigns that have left lives and livelihoods in ruins.

COVID-19 has strained healthcare systems in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan alike. Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have been particularly hard hit, enduring fatality rates due to the virus several times higher than others in Lebanon.

Lebanon has seen the value of its currency plummet since 2019, thrusting most of the population into poverty and decimating living standards and access to essential goods and services like food and healthcare. West Bank communities are fractured by military checkpoints and a 420-mile separation wall.

Families are caught in the middle of a situation they can’t control. And Anera is always there to step in to ease their suffering. Our staff have a tried-and-true system for getting people and communities what they need most: medicines, food packages, clothes, blankets, hygiene supplies and more.

In times of crisis, Anera's staff on the ground delivers medicines, food, water and more.

When schools, hospitals and farms are damaged by bombs or natural disasters, Anera rebuilds and restores them. We also help families rebuild their livelihoods—another casualty of conflict and crisis—by supporting small business growth, providing vocational education and cash-for-work opportunities, helping families grow their own foods, etc.

Anera’s psychosocial activities give children, who are particularly vulnerable to the psychological effects of war, a chance to release their anxieties through guided activities like drawing, dancing and acting. Anera also works with caregivers to provide better support to children and to cope with traumas they themselves suffered.


have devastated Gaza four times in the last 15 years.

The most recent wars were in 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2021.


helps victims of trauma to heal and move forward.

Children are the most vulnerable to psychological effects of war and other emergencies.


can fall victim to wars and natural disasters.

Water and sewage networks, roads, fields, schools and hospitals are all at risk.

“We lost everything, including our clothing and furniture... The entire kitchen is gone.”
— The father of 9-year-old Islam (pictured) describes the damage his family’s home sustained in May 2021.


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