2020 STATS



waste sorting facility opened in Lebanon to recycle materials and mitigate trash dumping/burning


Palestinian women built up their businesses to better support themselves and their families


young entrepreneurs throughout Lebanon received kits with tools to get their businesses started


Strengthening Ties

In the towns and refugee camps of Palestine and Lebanon, the fabric that holds many communities together is threatened by poverty, conflict and isolation.

Hope for the future can feel elusive as heavy problems relentlessly bear down on families. Anera invests in community development in Palestine and Lebanon to strengthen the ties that connect people.

Our programs improve family livelihoods by creating hundreds of jobs in construction, civic planning, health, education, tourism, and more. At the same time, we help women entrepreneurs with loans for their small businesses and deliver training programs that improve job skills.

With your support, parks and playgrounds give families beautiful, safe places to come together and socialize. Sports programs and facilities offer youth from different backgrounds the chance to interact and learn teamwork. Trash clearing and recycling inspire volunteers to take control of a bad situation and turn it around for all of their neighbors. Artistic expression builds a shared humanity while giving voice to individuals.

Refugee Youth

are vulnerable to violence

Soccer and other sporting activities help youth play together, letting go of stress and anger

A Lack of Opportunity

leaves little room for hope

Jobs, vocational training and small loans help families earn an income and dream for the future

Poverty in Camps

makes life seem bleak

With just a little help, local nonprofits and volunteers take care of each other and improve conditions

Anera uses this set of cards in community health campaigns across Lebanon's camps. They creatively illustrate how medications can hurt if used in the wrong way.



Getting Refugee Youth Back in Class

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