Health Education

Poverty and Conflict Make Good Health Difficult

In refugee camps and vulnerable communities in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan families often have limited access to basic necessities for health and hygiene.

Families living on low wages, or none at all, can’t afford essential items like toothbrushes and soap.

In the crowded Syrian tent settlements of Lebanon, the average tent holds five to 20 people. Communicable diseases and parasites spread rapidly in these living conditions. Many communities, such as those in impoverished neighborhoods of Gaza, lack access to clean water and sewage systems. Bathing and even washing hands can be a struggle. A lack of proper sewage systems leads to polluted public areas where infectious diseases thrive.

Families deserve to be equipped with the knowledge they need to stay healthy under challenging circumstances. Anera's training and education work helps communities rein in the spread of germs and disease.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Anera is promoting the message of good health through interactive, hands-on training sessions.

Together with people like you, we’re training healthcare professionals and community volunteers. We’re teaching healthy habits to children and administering programs that help parents identify symptoms and treatment options for various diseases. We’re also distributing generous donations of healthcare and hygiene items.

Proper healthcare for refugees is an integral part of Anera’s work in Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Anera's health education materials and activities emphasized preventing the spread of coronavirus, debunking myths and promoting vaccinations.

Anera addresses the topics that are most relevant to youth from refugee and host communities, like amphetamine abuse and lice infestation. Our health volunteers teach communities about the importance of rational use of medicine and screening for intestinal parasites. And where sewage and dirty water are issues, as in Gaza, Anera organizes educational sessions on personal hygiene and water-borne diseases.

Together, we’re building healthy communities through public health education initiatives at schools and community centers so families can learn proper hygiene and healthy eating habits.

As part of Anera's Farms to Fosool (classrooms) program in Gaza, parents learn about healthy nutrition for preschoolers.


Anera’s awareness program helps girls take better control of their own health needs.