Our Priorities

Global Responses, Local Solutions

When you donate to Anera, you're supporting an organization that's building on-the-ground solutions for vulnerable communities in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. Our goal is to help people in difficult situations live lives filled with dignity, meaning and hope. We do so in two ways — by providing funds for emergency supplies when disaster strikes, and by implementing long-term programs covering health, education, women's empowerment and other critical issues.

Creating stronger communities requires building up — and building on — local expertise, rather than imposing a top-down development model. It's for this reason that we staff our 12 offices in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank exclusively with people who come from the communities they serve.

Our team includes specialists in health, education, agriculture, civil engineering, procurement and commodity management, information technology and community development. Whether they're arranging medical care in refugee camps or training centers in Lebanon, our team members draw on an intimate understanding of local history and culture to deliver meaningful, long-term results.

Our Projects

As a donor, your gifts will be used to support the following projects in refugee camps throughout Palestine and Lebanon:

Agriculture: Farming is one of the few ways that Palestinians can make a living in such an unpredictable economic and political climate. Your donation will help provide farmers with clean water, modern equipment, irrigation systems and support and training to local family farms.

Community: People who are rooted in their communities are better able to make a lasting change. Our community projects, which include sports, parks, playgrounds and art and culture bring communities together through similar expressions of cultural identity.

Education: Access to education can make a transformative difference in a young person's life. Through Anera’s education projects, our team builds schools, trains teachers and provides learning materials in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. The support of our donors has benefitted hundreds of thousands of students, from preschool to the university level.

Emergency: In unstable regions, where basic infrastructure around emergency response is often lacking, a minor incident can quickly escalate into a humanitarian crisis. When this kind of situation occurs, our emergency services — such as humanitarian relief and post-conflict reconstruction — ensure that sufficient intervention is taken in a crisis situation.

Health: Our health projects, such as upgrades to local hospitals and clinics, provide lifesaving medical aid in refugee camps and help build up regional capacity around preventative care. In the past 10 years alone, thanks to the help of donors like you, Anera has constructed and equipped 28 healthcare facilities across the West Bank and Gaza.

Water: Clean drinking water is a human right recognized by the United Nations. Anera’s water and sanitation projects range from upgrading aging sewage and water treatment equipment to installing irrigation systems in community farms.


Our priorities are a vital part of our organization and mission. We invite you to view how each of our projects supports our core priorities — and read case studies outlining how the support of donors like you has made a difference — in the pages linked above.