We are proud of our team of experienced professionals based in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and Washington, DC. All but two of our staff members in our country offices are from the communities they serve. They know what the conditions are and they are dedicated to bringing about positive change.

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Washington, DC

Sean Carroll
President & CEO
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Lola Akinuli
International Grants Director

Jasmine Bannister
Staff Accountant

Carole Bellamy
Global, Human Resources Director

Liz Demarest
Vice President of Communications

Donna Diane
Chief Financial Officer

Steve Fake
Media Relations Officer

Haley Gerlofs
Donor Relations Coordinator

Holly Jordan
Director of Business Development

Lina Kanaan
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Manager of Operations - DC

Nisreen Khalaf
Director of Medical Donations Program

Rula Kort
Donor Relations and Special Events Manager

Skylar Lawrence
Senior Director for Philanthropy

Elizabeth Obeidat
Digital Development Coordinator

Brittany Pierce
Proposal Coordinator

Daniel Riley
Senior Communications Officer

Michelle Rodriguez
Social Media Coordinator

Natalya Schoenwether
Human Resources Coordinator

Ally Schultz
Development Assistant


Carina Aoun
Business Development and Jordan Country Field Manager



Samar El-Yassir
Country Director
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Shaymaa Abed Al Razik
Senior MEAL Assistant

Omran Abdelghani
Procurement Assistant

Farah Abdul Jawad
MEAL Assistant

Farah Ali
MEAL Assistant

Lina Atat
Medical Donations Program Coordinator and Pharmacist

Leen Ataya
Education Program Manager

Reem Aziz
Public Health Officer

Ali Bahsoun
Logistics Coordinator

Mazen Balaa
Compliance and Technical Manager - Shelter Program

Ola Basset
HR Assistant

Maria Berbari
Education Project Officer

Myriam Bou Fadel
Education Field Coordinator

Fatima Chokor
MEAL Officer

Heba Dabliz
Project Officer

Serene Dardari
Communications Manager

Nagham El Hindi
Field Coordinator

Hiba El Safadi
Grants and Operations Coordinator

Ayman Estephan 
Shelter Site Engineer

Mohamad Eter
Logistics & Monitoring Officer - Medical Donations Program

Natalie Fakih

Ahmad Fares

Romy Faour
Monitoring Coordinator

Sirine Fattoum
Finance and Compliance Manager

Lama Ghaddar
Health Program Manager

Asmaa Ghalayini
Human Resources Officer

Sarah Hachem
Program Assistant

Aya Hawarinah
Field Coordinator

Mostafa Hijazi
Shelter Accountant

Sara Hijazi
Office Assistant

Mohamad Khaled Hussein
Procurement and Logistics Officer

Sarah Jarhi
Cash Accountant / Finance Assistant

Walaa Kayyal
Senior MEAL Officer

Walid Khaled
Distribution Supervisor

Amani Kibrit
Field Coordinator

Louai Ladiki
Grants and Operations Manager

Hussein Loubani
Grants & Operations Assistant

Oussama Majzoub

Fadel Miry
Distribution Officer

Hisham Mostafa
Communication Coordinator and Photographer

Reine Moubayed
Area Coordinator

Mohamad Oraybi 
Executive Assistant

Maya Saleh

Yara Shanouha
Logistics Pharmacist

Khaled Shatila

Malakeh Terkawi
New Business Development Officer

Maya Yassine
Project Officer

Yara Yassine
Administrative Assistant

Abrar Zamzam
Program Assistant

Dima Zayat
Deputy Country Director

Omar Zeidan


Saleh Abdul Wahab
Finance Field Monitoring Coordinator

Maysaa Abou Libdeh
WASH Field Coordinator

Saraa Al Dinnawi
Project Team Leader

Fatima Othman
Field Coordinator

Mayssa Qassem
Education Field Coordinator

Marwa Saadi
Education Field Coordinator

Alaa Yacoub
Field Coordinator


Mahmoud Abdullah
Area Manager

Andrea Amer
Community Engagement Officer

Michelle Chamoun
Field Coordinator

Mohamad Flity
Project Officer

Diana Abou Hamia
Community Engagement Officer

Asmaa Jarrah
Community Engagement Officer

Mohamad Kanawaty
Project Manager, Solid Waste Management Project

Hussein Abdul Khalek
Field Coordinator

Youssef Abdul Khalek
Monitoring Coordinator

Houssam Meshref
Financial Monitoring Field Coordinator

Mohamad Rifai
Community Engagement Officer

Mohamad Sleiman
Procurement Officer

Mourady Solh
Field Coordinator

South Lebanon (Ein El Hilweh & Tyre)

Ahmad Daher
SWM Field Coordinator

Omar Dimachkieh
Finance Field Monitoring Coordinator

Dana Hamdan
Monitoring Coordinator

Mohamad Kaddoura
Area Manager

Alaa Mahmoud
Field Coordinator

Mohamad Moussa
Financial Monitoring Field Coordinator

Ouyoun Shabayta
Education Field Coordinator

Tripoli / North

Ahlam Chalabi
Area Manager

Miral Eid
Social Worker

Nour El Houda El Masri
Monitoring Coordinator

Bassam El Qadi
Sports Field Coordinator

Safa Hanouf
Social Worker

Bashar Khalil
Social Worker


Sandra Rasheed
Palestine Country Director
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Ma'moun Abu Gheith
Custodian and Maintenance Officer

Tamara Handal Al-Hodali
Finance and Grants Specialist

Barihan Al-Khatib
Administrative Officer

Amjad Ebeid
Regional IT Manager

Denise Habash Hazboun
Anera PLUS Program Manager

Emile Makhlouf
Manager of Finance

Lana Noureddin
Administrative and HR Adviser

Rabah Odeh
Chief of Party, PCID

Beitin Distribution Center

Muhammad Atieh
Regional Project Officer for Medical Donations

Mohammad Mahmoud Ma’tan
Distribution Center Worker


Faisal Abushahla
Deputy Chief of Party, PCID

Mohammad Abu Jahal
Distribution Center Worker

Mostafa Al-Ghosain
Medical Donations Program Manager

Ashraf Al-Shobaky
Construction Engineer

Abeer Aqeel
Compliance and Reporting Engineer, PCID

Ahmed El Helou

Rania Elhelo Al-Namara
Communications Manager

Suad Lubad
Program Officer

Sami Matar
Project Coordinator

Islam Mohana

Ahmad Najjar
Medical Donations Program Officer

Ibrahim Najjar
Project Coordinator and Agronomist

Marwa Sbeihat
Administrative Officer

Mohamed Shanan
Construction Engineer, PCID

Mousa Shawwa
Support Services


Miral Al-Bess Karakra
Project Assistant

Nariman Othman Deik
Education Program Coordinator

Sulieman Mleahat
Education Program Director

Naser Qadous
Agricultural Programs Manager

Ibtisam Rashid
Public Relations Officer, PCID

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