A group of concerned Americans and U.S. charities created Anera in 1968. Their mission: to get relief to Palestinians in the West Bank displaced by the 1967 War.

In the decades since, walls and checkpoints throughout the West Bank have crippled the economy and made land and water harder for Palestinians to access. The complications that come from a divided territory reduce the quality of life for Palestinian communities in the West Bank.

Life in the West Bank

In the 1990s, the Oslo accord divided the West Bank into three sectors — Area A, Area B and Area C. Area C, the sector entirely under Israeli control, makes up about 60 percent of the country. Palestinians who live in this sector must navigate checkpoints and walls that separate jurisdictions to go about daily living.

With agriculture at the heart of Palestinian livelihood, many farmers find it difficult to grow and market their harvests. Nearly one-fifth of farmland in the West Bank is inaccessible, limiting growing space. As a result, half of all West Bank farms have less than 2.5 acres. Farmers also face transportation issues, checkpoint delays and physical barriers that get in the way of efficient farming.

Many of the Palestinians in Area C also face restricted access to clean water and sewage treatment. As part of the Oslo accords, the Israeli military controls distribution from water aquifers. Villages without networks like those in the Bedouin communities must travel long distances to get clean water.

Aid to Palestinians in the West Bank

When you donate to Anera, you help farmers make smart use of scarce resources and to get their goods to consumers. You help install water networks that bring water to families’ homes and capture precious rainwater. You build and upgrade schools, hospitals and community centers. You support charitable clinics so they have the supplies they need to give their patients the best care possible. Together, we lead the way in improving preschool education, so children have every chance to grow and develop their minds.


Current State of the West Bank

2.9 Million

live in the West Bank

Checkpoints and walls isolate Palestinians and restrict their movement.

A, B, C

administrative areas

The Oslo Agreement created 3 areas defining Palestinian and Israeli control.


literacy rate

But only 73% of schools in Palestine have a science lab.

Creating Long-lasting Impact in the West Bank

With your support, Anera helps West Bank communities get access to education, resolve water and sanitation problems, and build community infrastructure. When planning a project, Anera works directly with the community being served to fully address their needs, identifying which projects will have the most positive and sustainable impact for residents.

Together, we are creating jobs and delivering projects that bring long-lasting and meaningful changes to West Bank communities. Your gift will help provide Palestinians with the tools and resources to sustain themselves and their communities for years to come. To learn more about our use of your donation, read our FAQs.

Nestled in the Old City of Hebron, the Hebron Charitable Clinic has become an iconic medical care facility in the area since its establishment in 1986.