Our Impact


Support during an emergency or crisis can come in many forms. At Anera, your support helps people at their most vulnerable. This assistance can involve providing emergency supplies, clothes or anything else that makes refugees safer, healthier, more secure or more comfortable.

Our teams on the ground in Lebanon were there to provide emergency health care services when violent clashes in the Ein El Hilweh refugee camp shut down the public hospital in nearby Sidon City. Thanks to your donations, we’ve also been able to deliver urgently needed bags of blood to the Gaza Central Blood Bank and provide 1,100 essential care kits to Syrian refugees in Akkar, Lebanon.

But emergency support is about more than just taking care of the bare necessities. It’s also about helping people regain a sense of security. We’ve done this by bringing healthy food packages to Gaza families during Ramadan and providing jackets and boots that bring comfort when the cold and rainy winter season comes to the region. Other initiatives include building playgrounds specifically for refugee children with special needs and providing mental health care for adults dealing with trauma and PTSD.

These stories represent just some of the many ways Anera is providing emergency relief to refugees in Palestine and Lebanon. Read more of our success stories below.