Donate Stock

Gifts of appreciated stock to Anera continue to be crucial for our work and have major tax and cash flow advantages for our donors.


Please email Elizabeth Obeidat at or call her at 202-266-9711 for more information about making a stock gift.

We prefer that gifts of stock be sent either by wire transfer to our broker, or by mailing securities directly to our organization.

Please be sure to inform Anera of your stock gift, including: your name, nature of securities, number of shares and date sent (approximate) by emailing Elizabeth Obeidat.

Donors receive a tax deduction on a gift of stock based on the value of the stock on the day it is received by Anera or by Anera’s broker. In the case of a wire transfer, this means that the deduction is based on the value of the securities on the date they are wired to Anera’s account.

For the convenience of our donors, we have established an account where stocks may be transferred. Below is information for transferring securities by wire to Anera:


Charles Schwab & Co.

American Near East Refugee Aid Federal Tax ID #: 52-0882226

Please use the following transfer code: DTC 0164

Our account number is: 3640-5765

The Schwab customer service tel. number is 800-435-4000


Thank you for supporting Anera’s work!