Palestine Children’s Day

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Palestine Children’s Day is observed on April 5th of every year. In 1995, Yasser Arafat started the commemorative day as a way of shedding light on the injustices and struggles that Palestinian children confront under occupation.

Palestinian children have trouble accessing education, proper nutrition and health care, opportunities for jobs, and dreams for a brighter future. Some children have even been arrested and detained by Israeli authorities.

Anera’s programs in Palestine directly or indirectly help Palestinian children to better confront some of the hurdles that get in the way of their growth and happiness. These photos feature a few of the Palestinian children who have been impacted by our work in Gaza and the West Bank.

Palestinian children live in rough conditions in Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp.
Young girl holds a stuffed animal
Before Anera upgraded the water system in her Sabra neighborhood in Gaza, little Nadia often didn’t even have enough water to wash her hands regularly.
Ali and his family in Khan Younis, Gaza, have a greenhouse that Anera built in their yard. They grow great amounts of produce, which they eat and sell for extra income.
kids in music class
This burgeoning qanoun player goes to the Gaza Music School. Anera’s support for the arts over the years helps Palestinian children keep their culture alive and thriving.
Noor is a student at the Madama Preschool in the West Bank. Anera’s early childhood development program gives Palestinian children the right start in their learning growth.
Baraa is an 18-year-old poet in Gaza. Her stomach ulcers sometimes make life difficult for her, but the medicines Anera makes available help alleviate the symptoms so she can be creative and write beautiful poetry.
Nadira shows off her very blue hands. Finger painting is one of her favorite activities. Because of her access to good preschool education, she is learning fast and expanding her horizons.


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