Palestine Children’s Day

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Palestine Children’s Day is observed on April 5th of every year. In 1995, Yasser Arafat started the commemorative day as a way of shedding light on the injustices and struggles that Palestinian children confront under occupation.

Palestinian children have trouble accessing education, proper nutrition and health care, opportunities for jobs, and dreams for a brighter future. Some children have even been arrested and detained by Israeli authorities.

Anera’s programs in Palestine directly or indirectly help Palestinian children to better confront some of the hurdles that get in the way of their growth and happiness. These photos feature a few of the Palestinian children who have been impacted by our work in Gaza and the West Bank.

A young Palestinian girl harvests eggs from her family’s chicken coop, provided with Anera’s support.
Five siblings in Gaza stand in their family’s hydroponic rooftop garden provided by Anera. They grow great amounts of produce, which they eat and sell for extra income. Their father, Ahmed Mohammad, will be able to sell 1,100 kilos of tomatoes they harvest from the garden.
A young boy gets a brand new shirt during Anera’s clothing voucher distribution.
Two young girls enjoy a healthy, wholesome breakfast before they start their school day. The meals are part of Anera’s program, Farms to Fasool.
A young girl grabs a fresh cup of water from the Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit installed by Anera.
Doa and Ameen from Beit Iksa are enjoying delicious milk and cheese. This delightful bounty was supplied by their sheep provided by Anera.
A young boy is with his family to collect produce provided by Anera’s 2022 Ramadan campaign. The campaign will provide food vouchers throughout the month of Ramadan to vulnerable families in Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine.
A little girl walks alongside a family member at Anera and IRUSA’s hygiene kit distribution. She carries a large roll of paper towels.
Children sit in front of the Anera-built As Sammu Preschool in the village of As Sammu, West Bank, Palestine. The school was built in 2021.

Palestinian children live in rough conditions in Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp.
Before Anera upgraded the water system in Sabra, Gaza, little Nadia often didn’t even have enough water to wash her hands. This project was funded by IRUSA.
Ali and his family in Khan Younis, Gaza, have a greenhouse that Anera built in their yard. They grow great amounts of produce, which they eat and sell for extra income.
Noor is a student at the Madama Preschool in the West Bank. Anera’s early childhood development program gives Palestinian children the right start in their learning growth.
Nadira shows off her very blue hands. Finger painting is one of her favorite activities. Because of her access to good preschool education, she is learning fast and expanding her horizons.
Abdel plays qanun in the Gaza Music School orchestra.
Abdel plays qanun in the Gaza Music School orchestra.


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