Solidarity and Faith – Our Community Raised Over $1M During Ramadan

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I wanted to thank you — our Anera donor community — for your support during Ramadan, the holiest and most significant month for Muslims worldwide. Despite the hardships, the spirit of Ramadan prevails, with communities around the world coming together in solidarity and faith. Through your support, you were part of this historic effort, helping families persist through the devastating effects of war and food insecurity.

In Gaza, you helped us serve over three million meals during Ramadan, bringing our total meals served to well over 22 million since October 7, 2023. To date, Anera has distributed 704 tents to help shelter displaced families; provided 193,764 bottles of water and nearly four million medicine treatments; shipped 398 trucks of food, water, cooking equipment, and medicines into Gaza; provided 50 free healthcare days in shelters; and guided 169 psychosocial sessions for children to play and express themselves.

In Lebanon, your support helped us provide over 10,000 families with food assistance. Anera was also able to employ youth living in refugee camps to help with food distribution efforts, giving them the chance to earn an income while supporting their communities. As families battle unemployment, inflation, and a silent war along the southern border, this aid is especially meaningful.

In Jordan, our team has distributed thousands of meals to refugees and vulnerable communities across five Jordanian governorates. Your support not only put food on the table for families in need, but thanks to a partnership with a women-operated kitchen facility, your donation also helped women earn an income and feed their own families during Ramadan.

Your support brought more than hope; it brought smiles to children’s faces, peace of mind to worried parents, and healthy, nutritious meals to dinner tables across the Middle East. Thank you for all that you’ve done and will continue to do for those in need.



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