anera+RBK | FAQs

Anera is a 51-year-old relief and development organization with deep roots in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

RBK is a career accelerator producing high quality software engineers in months.

anera+RBK is a joint initiative to take RBK’s model of career accelerator code boot camp, successful in Jordan, and bring it to Palestine. The two entities have combined forces to help Palestinians get on accelerated paths to becoming career IT professionals.

Yes. RBK, which stands for ReBootKamp, is the first immersive code bootcamp in the Arab world. Silicon Valley-based Hack Reactor, a leading code bootcamp in the US, is a co-founding partner and provides the curriculum and back-end support.

The anera+RBK Palestine Pilot is a cohort of Palestinian-only learners. It will include approximately 30 participants - 8-12 each from Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Learners will participate in a three-month, immersive training program. anera+RBK will hire approximately 15 graduates from this cohort to train future groups of students in their respective regions.

The program is open to Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. Special consideration is given to refugees, women, youth, low-income individuals and others from disadvantaged communities.

This pilot anera+RBK training will take place in Amman, Jordan. Future trainings will be in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. In Amman, the address is: Khelda, Az-Zarkashi Street, Building 19. Regarding accommodation, men will live in the same main building where the training will take place. Women will live in accommodation not far from the main building. Transportation to and from the training will be provided.

Participants must complete the Prep Phase online between now and when the 13-week Immersive Phase starts in mid-summer 2019.

The program is divided into two phases, the Prep Phase and the on-site Immersive Phase.

The Prep Phase (up to six weeks) includes online, self-paced learning and assessments that you must pass to be invited into the Immersive Phase, a 13-week intensive “boot camp” in Amman.

RBK imparts essential technical and non-technical skills demanded by industry. Technical skills include working knowledge of Javascript and associated frameworks like MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS, Backbone, React and HTML/CSS.

You will also learn Silicon Valley best practices including workflow, documentation, testing and other technical knowledge required to produce professional grade full-stack web and mobile applications.

Non-technical, essential skills include communication, collaboration, ethics, professionalism, autonomous (self-) learning, creative problem-solving and critical thinking. An important dividend of the training is English fluency. Both the English and the essential, ‘soft’ skills are being learned every minute of the 1,000+ hour experience.

These are self-paced lessons from several sources you can use to prepare yourself for our immersive program. The bootcamp will come at you fast and furious, so participants need a solid understanding of javascript and basic programming fundamentals so they can succeed. Sources include: (Free), Hack Reactor Prep (Free), Udacity, (Free), Khan Academy (Free) and RBK Prep.

The Prep Phase requires access to the internet and a desktop computer. Once you have completed all the assignments, we will schedule an assessment to survey your level of understanding.

The Prep Phase is designed for you to test yourself and the potential of your abilities online. At your own pace during a 6-week window, you will test your English and your commitment, and evaluate how fast you can learn and whether you have what it takes to understand and digest the essentials of coding. If you successfully pass this phase, you will be invited into the Immersive Course.

The Immersive Phase is 12-16 hours per day (from 8 am to 89 pm+), 6 days per week, for 13 weeks. The Immersive Phase is divided into a two 6-week periods: a 6-week junior period and a 6-week senior period separated by a 1-week period where students work on their own, on-site or off-site.

The applicant must be willing to commit full time – up to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week for the full 13 weeks.

For the self-study portion of the admissions process you must have access to a desktop computer and the internet.

The applicant’s English skills must be at level B1 or above. To test your level, go HERE. (For English tutoring, please visit

You also must be able to commit to 16 hours per day for three months and sign a pledge to adhere to a Code of Conduct.

This is the rule book. All learners pledge to respect themselves, their classmates and staff during the program and beyond. Any behavior that is deemed disrespectful is grounds for immediate expulsion. View the Code of Conduct.

No. Intermediate level or better is needed to succeed in this program. B1 (the 3rd of 6 levels on the Common European Framework language scale: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) or better is required to participate.

Students typically jump up at least two levels through this course, but you must have a decent, basic understanding of English to start.

Yes, and No. It depends. Tuition for this training is normally around US$8,000. This is a tremendous value as the cost of Hack Reactor’s tuition alone is $18,000. Add in food, housing and transportation and the street value of this training is $27,000.

To promote participation of women in this program, and in the tech sector generally, donors have provided funding for full scholarships for female applicants with limited resources who are admitted to the program.

Other applicants must sign loan agreements to pay part of the tuition (20% = $1,600), which they pay back after they begin earning salaries (see below). All participants must sign agreements that they will work for anera+RBK for at least 1 year, and up to 2 years, if chosen to be facilitators in Palestine. Part of their pay as facilitators - or from other jobs once they have those - will go to paying back the loan. So, the program is not free, but no participant will have to pay any funds up front from their own pockets.

Following this pilot cohort, anera+RBK will select approximately 15 facilitators who will be paid stipends to work as future cohort facilitators with anera+RBK for one-two years under an initial agreement.

For those not hired by anera+RBK, there is a near 100% guarantee of full-time employment. Our team will work closely with graduates and hiring partners to help you get the job you want. You could find a job in the local and regional markets, or work remotely for international firms.

In Jordan, the program has a 94% hiring rate six months after graduation. Graduates there have gone on to work at, Arabia Weather, Mixed Dimensions, Expedia, Optimiza, Codacity, ReserveOut, Edura, Edraak, Britecore and others.

Then this is not the cohort for you. Apply to a future cohort when we deploy in your region.

anera+RBK provides 2 meals a day, snacks, local transportation and housing. There are no stipends for students.

NONE! No Baccalaureate degree or Tawjihi is required. However, you are required to pass the self-paced preparatory assignments and admissions tests, and have sufficient English comprehension.

No. Students exit the program with a GitHub repository, a cloud-based portfolio of projects that demonstrates the graduate’s actual ability to code. Graduates will also be issued a token on the blockchain anyone can view to verify participation in this program.

Go to and hit the apply button located at the top right of the page. You must complete the application (name, e-mail, phone number and other demographic and commitment questions). Following submission of this initial application, you will receive an email or text message with a personal, self-paced assessment and basic code learning exercise, which you must complete. Upon passing the second stage and evaluation of the test, an interview is scheduled. We will contact you by email or text messages regarding application milestones, including final acceptance into the program.

Yes. Anera will work with authorities to get travel permits for accepted students, though there is no guarantee that they will be granted.

Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis. The deadline to complete the admission and Prep Phase is July 3 (subject to change). All applicants will know at least 2 weeks prior to expected start date if they have been accepted for the Immersive Phase boot camp.

Email us at for further clarification.