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Ministry of Education, Anera and Sukhtian Foundation Develop Early Childhood Sector in Palestine

October 16, 2017 | Dr. Sabri Saidam of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Sulieman Mleahat of Anera and Dr. Ghayath Sukhtian of the Sukhtian Foundation signed a cooperation agreement on October 15, 2017 to support and develop the early childhood sector in Palestine.

The agreement envisages the construction of five kindergartens, furnished and equipped during the first year of the project (2017-2018), with the possibility of expanding in the following years to build five additional kindergartens and train 20-15 teachers to manage and run the new preschools.

The project also includes the development of a comprehensive plan to establish a center dedicated to training and rehabilitating teachers in the early childhood sector in the Nablus area. All private and official bodies will cooperate to identify the requirements and needs to build this center.

The parties agreed to establish an advisory council consisting of five members with expertise and competence in the fields of early childhood, education, training and other related fields. The council will follow up on the implementation of the project administratively, financially, legally and academically. The council will also conduct a re-evaluation of the project’s status every three years.

Dr. Saidam expressed the Ministry’s pride in collaborating with Anera and the Sukhtian Foundation to support and serve the early childhood sector in Palestine. He urged all private institutions to launch similar initiatives to support the education sector.

Through this project, Dr. Saidam said he hoped to double the number of preschools in order “to give this sector what it rightfully deserves and to work with all partners to create a safe and healthy environment for preschool students.”

For his part, Sukhtian thanked the Ministry of Education and its leadership for their remarkable development efforts in all sectors of education, especially the preschool sector, in addition to the continuous achievements in various regional and international forums. He expressed hope for the success of the project as a first of many steps to support preschools.

For his part, Mleahat expressed the great importance of the education sector in Palestine, stressing that this agreement establishes a fruitful stage to support the sector. He praised the efforts of the Ministry of Education and its continuous cooperation with Anera in supporting this vital sector.

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