Thanks to over 45 years of support from people like you, ANERA has a strong impact on health in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. We believe sustainable health care practices are a necessity for offering long-term solutions. That’s why ANERA goes beyond administering aid — we train health care providers, update equipment, and promote healthy habits to protect the well-being of Palestinians and poor families throughout the Middle East.

A Multi-faceted Approach to Health

ANERA partners with local non-governmental organizations and key institutions to respond to health needs, while also delivering humanitarian relief when crises arise. Because of our long history in the region, ANERA has the flexibility to meet the specific needs of health care providers and the know-how to reach the most vulnerable members of society.

We know that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to health care, so we cover all the angles. Primarily, ANERA focuses in four areas:

Threats to Health in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon

Facing constant conflict and economic decline, health care providers in the areas where ANERA works have difficulty keeping medicines in stock, accessing necessary equipment, and staying up to date on advances in the medical field.

Families battling unemployment, displacement, blockade, and poverty can’t always find ways to provide nutritious meals for their children. It is also hard to practice healthy hygiene, because potable water is often limited and wastewater sometimes fills the streets.

ANERA’s overseas staff know these challenges well because they are all from the communities they serve. With this unique knowledge of the environment, they can respond to needs with great efficiency.

Ya’teek Al Afiya! Health Care in Palestine Includes All Aspects of Well-being

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