Palestinian Refugees from Syria: a humanitarian crisis in Lebanon’s camps.

Their numbers are growing and the challenges they face are becoming greater every day. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see how you can help.

Learn more about the plight of these refugees, read our special report:

Palestinian Refugees From Syria in Lebanon

Published April 2013


On-the-Ground Report: Palestinian Refugees from Syria in Lebanon

Palestinian refugees from Syria living in Lebanon are one of the most vulnerable sub-populations affected by the crisis. In April 2013, ANERA conducted a survey of these families to gain a clear picture of the situation on the ground and to assess the critical needs that exist. The findings are shocking and the situation is getting worse, day by day.

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In their own words…

 “Yesterday, I sold one of our blankets to buy diapers…I just want to provide for my family. It doesn’t matter what country we live in, we just want to live in dignity.”
-Mohammed Oneissi, Burj El Shemali camp, Lebanon
“UNRWA had no medicine, so they told us to get it outside the camp…and we cannot afford it.”
-Faten, Shatilla camp, Lebanon. 
“They destroyed my house…We spent eight years building our house in Syria but in the last two years everything changed…We fled with only the clothes on our backs,”
-Ahmed Kheir, Burj El Shemali camp, Lebanon  

In Pictures: ANERA’s response

Palestinian refugees from Syria in Lebanon register to receive aid.

Making sure everyone receives assistance is a labor-intensive process. Here, Palestinian refugees from Syria register with one of ANERA’s local partners so that they can bring home basic supplies to their families.


Food voucher for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Thousands of refugees are being provided with vouchers like this one, so that they can select on their own what to wear and eat.


Quilts for Lebanon Refugees

ANERA found that one third of the refugee families live in shacks or garages with open vents. Quilts become precious in such critical living conditions.

How you can help these families in need:

ANERA is very well positioned to help thousands of these families. We have generous partner organizations that donate millions of dollars worth of supplies. We have local partners that get the most urgently needed supplies to the people who need them the most. But we still need to raise money to make the delivery, and that’s why we’re turning to you. Here are some examples of just how far your help can go:


Medicine bottle and pills

Your donation delivers medicine

Medicine is always in short supply in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps. The influx of new refugees from Syria has made it even more difficult for people to get the medicines they need. A $20 donation can deliver $300 worth of medicines. Donate >>




Hygiene Kit Aid for Palestinian Refugees

Your donation delivers hygiene kits

Everybody deserves to live in dignity. Delivering these basic hygiene kits is essential to allowing families to stay healthy and clean. It only costs $50 to deliver hygiene kits to 100 families. Donate >> 




Quilts and blankets delivered to Palestinian Refugees


 Your donation delivers blankets

For many families who fled Syria with nothing, a quilt or a blanket is often the first thing they need. It costs just $150 to give 300 people the comfort and protection a quilt provides. Donate >>



Baby-care kits delivered to Palestinian refugees


Your donation delivers baby-care kits

A baby is the most precious thing in every family. Unfortunately, infants are the most vulnerable portion of the population. Donating $500 can deliver 1,000 baby-care kits filled with clothes, soap and other supplies. Donate >>



These are just some of the ways that your donations can help Palestinian refugees from Syria. School kits, clothes, food and other basic supplies are also on hand, but we need your support to deliver them. Please make a donation today.

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