[Photos] Greening of the Nahr El Bared Refugee Camp in Lebanon

June 6, 2012 ANERA
Agriculture, Economic Development, Environmental Projects, Lebanon, Palestinian Refugee Camps
Planting a tree, one of 700, in Nahr El Bared refugee camp in Lebanon. ANERA brought together 80+ Palestinians to work on this environmental project.

The “Towards a Greener Environment” initiative is one of ANERA’s after-school programs that help provide youth with activities and training outside the traditional UNRWA school system.

More than 700 plants, mostly fruit trees and vegetables, were planted throughout the Nahr El Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon.

This was all made possible by the generous support of Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) and more than 80 young people who came out to help on planting day.

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