New Mattresses Provide Relief in West Bank Hospitals

April 9, 2013 ANERA
Health, In-Kind Medical and Relief, West Bank
Smiling patient says new mattress delivered by ANERA is a comfort while he awaits treatment in Hebron hospital. Heart patient awaiting treatment in hospital says new mattress is a comfort.

Doctors and nurses in a busy Hebron hospital were delighted to receive ANERA’s delivery of new mattresses donated by Physicians for Peace, which will help ease their patients’ pain and make their stay less stressful.

The donated high-quality mattresses have three insulator layers that can also be inflated to insure that patients rest in comfort. The donation reached four hospitals and clinics in the West Bank.

“These mattresses are excellent quality in both design and material. We could not afford them on our own” 

Hospital public relations manager bassam Al-Natsheth says ‘Striker’ is one of the best companies globally for medical mattresses. “We would not be able to get them on its own, they are so expensive.”

Heart patient Ismail Bseileh has a weak heart muscle and is spending a night at the hospital in preparation for his cardiac catheteratization. He says he is greatly relieved to be able to rest his weary sixty-something year old body on the new mattress.

Medical engineer Munir Odeh is in charge of distributing the mattresses. He is grateful for the useful donation. “The great features of these mattresses are the anti-bacterial surface and resistance to fire,” he said. “It’s a world renowned company and now we have around 45 of their manufactured mattresses around our various departments!”

Munir has worked in the Hebron hospital for 19 years and knows what each department needs. “We’ve allocated a good number of these mattresses to departments, like ICU and surgery, that have patients with more serious illnesses who might spend several nights at the hospital to recuperate and therefore risk bed sores and such.”

PR manager Bassam says even the smallest donations are critical for any non-profit hospital, especially those in dire financial circumstances. “We have 210 beds at our hospital and treat more than 150,000 patients a year. So we always need good medical mattresses. We are sometimes forced to reupholster them when our budget is tight, and make use of what we already have.”


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