Wheelchairs for Handicapped Palestinians in Gaza

October 7, 2007 ANERA
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Adham, a disabled Palestinian youth, sitting in the new wheelchair ANERA delivered to him in Gaza. Adham is happy in the new wheelchair ANERA delivered to him in Gaza.

Everyday, things go from bad to worse in Gaza. The region’s total isolation has affected all aspects of life for its 1.5 million residents. And yet, there are a lot of stories that people never hear – like that of the Abu Sabet family.

The Abu Sabets live in a remote village called Wadi Salqa, an agricultural area famous for palm trees and home to 6,000 people. Like their fellow villagers, this family of 12 works day and night to secure food and basic needs for all of its members. They also have a special need. Two of the children in their family have been physically handicapped since birth.

250 wheelchairs are delivered to disabled people in Gaza.

When they were growing up, Adham, aged 16, and Nada, aged 18, tried to go to school, but their handicaps were too daunting. In fact, they were not able to leave their house for many years because they couldn’t afford wheelchairs or any other means to move themselves around. Happily, ANERA has been able to reach these children.

ANERA provides wheelchairs for Palestinian clinic serving disabled

ANERA distributes In-Kind health care supplies to a wide network of institutions and clinics throughout Gaza. Through these relationships and the staff who work in local communities, ANERA learns of special needs, such as those of the Abu Sabets, that exist in the most hard-to-reach areas. A delivery of 250 wheelchairs provided the opportunity to help those in need.

Mohammed, a social worker and nurse working at the Wadi Salqa clinic, has dedicated his life to helping his fellow Gazans. “We proudly get 50 % of our medical supplies from ANERA.” The clinic also offers free or nominally priced treatment for 12 patients a day, mostly kids. Mohammed knew well the special needs of the Abu Sabets, so when ANERA received a donation of 250 wheelchairs from Latter Day Saints, he saw that two were delivered to the family.

 “We are happy with our new wheelchairs. We spend hours practicing and learning how to drive them,” said Nada. Now, they can see life differently. Nada can read a story or a book for her siblings in the house yard while Adham is thinking seriously about how to go back to school without fear from his handicap. They can do things independently. They are more powerful and their smiles break the gloom.

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