Gaza and West Bank Response Log

In this log, Anera will provide updates on unfolding war in Palestine and our response. Please stay tuned here for the latest information. To subscribe for weekly updates via SMS on our response in Gaza, text GAZA to 1-866-549-0055. April 13, 2024 We are in the process of regrouping to resume hot meal distributions through…

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Remembering Mousa Shawwa

Anera's Mousa Shawwa, who was killed on March 8, 2024

The moment we have feared has come. We’ve lost one of our dear colleagues in Gaza. With heavy hearts, Anera announces the death of our colleague Mousa Shawwa on March 8, 2024, in Al Zawayda, Deir Al Balah. Mousa was killed wearing his Anera vest after having just returned from working in Rafah. His wife…

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Anera is Delivering Aid to Northern Gaza

Food in North Gaza Anera

Delivering aid to the north of Gaza is extremely difficult, as intense security risks limit the amount of humanitarian shipments that are able to travel there. In fact, northern Gaza has been almost completely cut off from aid since the beginning of the war in October. In the midst of the ongoing war in Gaza,…

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Hope During Ramadan: Supporting Communities During Crisis

Ramadan lanterns

For refugees and vulnerable communities in the Middle East, daily life is fraught with immense challenges. Yet, amidst these difficulties, our unwavering hope for a better future remains a powerful tool. With your generous support, we can turn this hope into tangible action, providing vital assistance to those facing unimaginable hardships. In Gaza, where the…

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The Struggle to Deliver Aid in Gaza

This blog post provides an overview of the challenges faced by international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) delivering humanitarian aid in Gaza since January 26, 2024. Based on a survey conducted by members of the AIDA (Association of International Development Agencies), representing 24 INGOs operating in Gaza, the findings shed light on the obstacles encountered during this…

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The world needs to stop starvation in Gaza

Food should not be controversial. Anera’s staffer Sami Mater reported today that he heard from a friend who’s still in the north of Gaza that his six-year-old son just died from starvation. Sami also reported that only about 50 trucks a day have been coming into Gaza over the past several days. He told his…

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Reviving the Tradition of Community Kitchens in Gaza

Anera is delivering food to displaced, hungry families in Gaza through community kitchens we’re calling tekia (takiyya, tkiya), based on a beautifully simple concept that began almost 10 centuries ago. Historians differ on the exact the word to describe these kitchens – tekia, ‘imaret, aqhane or darü’z-ziyafe – but what we know for sure is…

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Statement on UNRWA Funding Suspension

On Friday, January 26, the United States, followed by several other countries, suspended funding to UNRWA due to Israeli allegations that some members of the organization’s staff in Gaza participated in the attacks in Israel on October 7, 2023. The agency took immediate steps to hold staff accountable and launched an investigation. The UN Relief…

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