Statement on the Evacuation and its Humanitarian Consequences

Gazans fleeing in panic from the north to the south, October 13, 2023.

According to International Humanitarian Law, collective punishment is a war crime and forcible transfer is a crime against humanity. We call for the mass evacuation order issued to 1.1 million Palestinians in Gaza to be immediately revoked. That is plain for all to see. In just the past 7 days, the damage inflicted on the…

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Rebuilding Jenin: An Update

Yesterday, on July 18, I visited and spent the day in Jenin refugee camp. Entering the camp was like stepping into a colorless world. It’s as if someone took a giant paintbrush and painted everything gray. A member of the popular committee told me “it feels like we were hit by an earthquake.” For the…

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IT Sector Training and Job Placement Partnership Request for Interest

Niveen at her laptop

HOW TO HELP IT Sector Training and Job Placement Partnership Request for Interest This RFI (Request for Interest) is CLOSED. About this opportunity This RFI presents an exciting opportunity for service providers to actively contribute to the development of the tech ecosystem and workforce in Palestine. By responding to this RFI, service providers will help…

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Anera Ventures

HOW TO HELP Anera Ventures Anera Ventures connects investors with amazing people and projects in the Middle East that are making great things happen, and having a positive impact! Together, with impact investment, we can do so much more! ABOUT ANERA VENTURES OUR APPROACH GET INVOLVED RESOURCES Why support impact investing? Your money goes further.…

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Anera CEO Sean Carroll Reports from Gaza

Anera President and CEO Sean Carroll visited Gaza this December. These are his reports from three different types of projects that give people access to clean water for irrigation, sewage systems in their homes and cultural growth opportunities. From a Desalination Unit in Rafah This is Sean’s report from a reverse osmosis system Anera installed…

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Tatreez and Development 

Amal's tatreez embroidery

A Symbol of Palestinian Culture Tatreez is a centuries-old craft practiced primarily by Palestinian women to document their history, preserve their culture, express themselves creatively, unite as communities, and support themselves and their families. The traditional cross-stitch embroidery technique incorporates imagery that documents life in different regions of Palestine during significant times or carries on…

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Anera’s Situation Report from Gaza

Anera's situation report from Gaza, August 2022

Our newest situation report comes one day after a ceasefire that ended three days of bombing in Gaza. Though the attacks were targeted, they led to many deaths and caused a lot of damage. They also ratcheted up the fear and trauma among Gaza’s residents, who are still coping with the aftermath of the May…

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