Anera President Visits Akkar, Lebanon

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This week, Sean Carroll, Anera’s president and chief executive officer, visited sites across Lebanon where Anera works. Here he reports from two locations in Akkar, in the northern part of the country.

From the Ritaj El Hayat Medical Center

In the early 2020s, Anera launched a multi-year program to deliver medicines for patients suffering from chronic diseases in Lebanon. Many people suffering from chronic diseases interrupted their medical treatment either because their medicines were not available or because they were too expensive. Anera provided medicines for treating chronic diseases to scores of healthcare facilities in Lebanon, including this Akkar governorate medical center where Sean is reporting.

From a Farmer’s Greenhouse

Anera’s agricultural project in Akkar provides Lebanese farmers with the technical capacity and resources to increase production and enhance the quality of their produce. Lebanon’s economic collapse has forced families to rely on local produce because they can no longer afford the cost of imported goods. And in a farming region such as Akkar, the agricultural sector is integral to the economic wellbeing of the population. Sean reports from one of the greenhouses we built.



Anera is working with families in Jerash Palestinian refugee camp to provide a sustainable source of food security amid high prices and food scarcity.

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