Anera’s Commitment to Communities in the Middle East

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Thanks to the amazing support of Anera’s community, our Gaza staff is able to deliver life-saving food in the midst of bombings and displacement. This family in southern Gaza is enjoying a special treat, mansef, that Anera’s community kitchens made during Ramadan.

Anera works on the ground in Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan, mobilizing resources for immediate emergency relief and sustainable development in health, education, and economic sectors. We have no political or religious affiliations. Our local staff navigate complex political landscapes to deliver aid where it’s needed most. And, you, the supporters of our work, who come from 142 countries and all US states, are all united by concern for the well-being of the people and the places Anera serves.

Origins and Early Years

Anera’s journey began in the aftermath of the June 1967 war, a conflict that displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, commonly known as the Naksa (“setback”). Recognizing the urgent need for aid, a small group of concerned American citizens established Anera to provide immediate relief. Their efforts focused on delivering food, clothing, and medical supplies to Palestinian refugees and others affected by the conflict. These early missions laid the foundation for Anera’s enduring commitment to humanitarian aid and development.

West Bank and Gaza

Over the years, Anera’s work in the West Bank and Gaza has evolved from emergency relief to long-term development projects. In the West Bank, Anera has improved healthcare, education, and infrastructure for schools, clinics, community centers, and water systems. Our healthcare initiatives, including training medical professionals and supplying hospitals with critical equipment, have significantly enhanced the quality of care available.

This spring, Anera and the Palestinian Ministry of Education inaugurated this new preschool in Duma, West Bank.
Before the Gaza war, Anera installed desalination systems for free public access to clean water, like this fountain.

In Gaza, Anera has navigated frequent conflicts and economic hardship to implement programs improving water and sanitation infrastructure, supporting agricultural development, and providing psychosocial support to children. Our early childhood development program has provided the youngest members of society with the right start in life. Sadly, Anera’s development work in Gaza is currently on pause as we are now responding to the urgent humanitarian crisis caused by the ongoing war. Our team has delivered 30 million meals and thousands of tents, hygiene kits, medical treatments, and more.


Lebanon hosts a substantial population of Palestinian and Syrian refugees, and Anera’s presence in the country has been vital in addressing their needs. Since the Lebanese civil war in the 1970s and 1980s, Anera has provided continuous support to refugee communities. With the collapse of the economy in 2019, our program scope has expanded more and more to include vulnerable Lebanese.

This young woman in southern Lebanon learns to make chocolate candies as a way of earning a wage.

Anera’s educational programs are holistic, encompassing job skills training, basic literacy and math, and youth sports programming. In the healthcare sector, we supply medicines and medical equipment to clinics serving refugees and Lebanese populations. Our livelihoods programs, including agricultural initiatives and apprenticeships for graduates of our job skills courses, have helped families achieve economic stability. These initiatives are particularly vital amid Lebanon’s economic crisis and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in the south.


Jordan is home to a significant number of Palestinian and Syrian refugees. Anera’s work there focuses on improving livelihoods, enhancing healthcare services, and supporting education for refugee children. The rooftop gardens we install on homes, for instance, improve families’ food security and livelihoods. The medical aid we distribute provides medicines to patients who otherwise cannot afford them. And the laptops Anera delivers to schools are loaded with educational content that empowers refugee and vulnerable children to succeed.

In Jordan, two students work together to resolve a computer question.
Laptops are helping children succeed in Jordan schools.

Looking Ahead

Anera’s commitment to the Middle East remains steadfast as we adapt and expand our programs to meet evolving community needs, despite enormous challenges. With over five decades of experience and partnerships with local organizations, our Anera community is well-positioned to continue making a positive impact. We extend heartfelt thanks to you, our donors, for your support.

Together, we demonstrate the transformative power of compassion and belief in a better future for the people of the Middle East.



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