Anera’s Staff in Gaza Are Heroic

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By the time you receive this newsletter we hope that the war will be over and there is unimpeded access to humanitarian aid for all civilians and humanitarian aid workers in Gaza.

All of our Gaza staff and their families are among the displaced. They, like everyone in Gaza, are facing violence, stresses and scenarios that are unimaginable to most of us. They are also true heroes!

The team in Gaza, right from the start of the war, began delivering urgently needed aid to communities all over Gaza. As the humanitarian situation rapidly deteriorated and the forced displacement of Palestinians grew, our staff worked to keep procuring food and hygiene kits, and distributed them daily despite a lack of fuel and trucks, to displaced families.

As of this writing, all members of the Gaza team are all physically unharmed, but still in danger as they go out to deliver aid and Israeli attacks continue. Just this week, a staff member collecting vegetables at a farm for distribution narrowly escaped being bombed. Despite the threat to his life, he went out the next day to keep helping his people.

Many of our Gaza team work when they can. And some can’t. They know that they must take every reasonable measure to keep themselves and their families safe. We have made it clear, as an organization, that our staff must take all the reasonable measures they can to keep themselves and their families safe. That includes not working or delivering aid until it is safe to do so.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the food items the team delivers daily to displaced families.
With funding from World Central Kitchen, our Gaza staff have been able to deliver hot meals.
We are regularly cleaning 30 UNRWA schools being used as shelters in Khan Younis to prevent the spread of disease.
Our Gaza team distributed 15,850 hygiene kits to displaced families to maintain personal hygiene in shelters.
Our team locally procured and delivered 268,020+ treatments of medicines and medical supplies to healthcare facilities.
Anera’s Gaza team has delivered 1,339,240 meals to displaced families through food parcels, vegetable baskets and hot dishes.

All numbers and information as of 10/27/2023. Note that pictures are downloaded from WhatsApp.

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