Cold Chain Transportation of Medicine to Gaza, Palestine

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Some of the vital medicines we deliver to health care providers serving vulnerable families in the Middle East require constant refrigeration. Anera’s medical donations team uses temperature-controlled cold chain shipping to ensure that these medicines remain effective. Thank you to Direct Relief for donating the shipment of medicine to Gaza featured in this video.



Young adults from Palestine and Jordan discuss the challenges their communities and countries confront in relation to climate change, along with the proactive measures they are taking to address and mitigate its impact.

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In this log, Anera will provide updates on unfolding war in Palestine and our response. Please stay tuned here for the latest information. December 8, 2023 Sixty-two days into this humanitarian crisis, and the situation in Gaza is at a…

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Anera is in Dubai this week to participate in COP28. The 28th United Nations Climate Change conference — known as the 2023 Conference of the Parties, or COP28 — has convened in Dubai from November 30 until December 12. Anera…

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