Crisis in Ein El Hilweh: Urgent Humanitarian Response Needed

Ein El Hilweh, the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, is currently facing a dire situation as hundreds of families are displaced from their homes following clashes among armed groups in the camp. As the violence escalates, thousands of people have been displaced, and the situation demands immediate humanitarian assistance. In this blog post, we provide an overview of the critical situation and what Anera is doing to respond to the crisis.

A typical scene on a crowded road in Ein El Hilweh Palestinian camp in Lebanon. (Dave Snyder, photographer | 2010)

The Escalating Conflict in Ein El Hilweh

Ein El Hilweh erupted into violence as clashes between rival political factions escalated. Despite attempts at ceasefire negotiations, the fighting continues, with all sides using light, medium, and heavy weapons. This has created an extremely dangerous and volatile environment, putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk.

Humanitarian Impact

The situation has taken a toll on the local population, and the devastating consequences of the conflict are evident. Many people have been forced to seek refuge outside the camp, fleeing for safety. As a result, 11 people have lost their lives, and over 40 others have been injured (as of this writing). The number of displaced persons is reportedly around 2,000, with thousands seeking shelter in three shelters managed by UNRWA.

August 1, 2023 | With generous support from Americares, we distributed personal hygiene kits to families displaced from Ein El Hilweh camp.

Helping Ein El Hilweh Families

The violence has disrupted Anera’s regular programs in Lebanan’s South Governorate, but our capable team there is coordinating our urgent humanitarian response efforts in partnership with other local groups. Anera is responding to the crisis in four major areas.

Emergency medicines and medical supplies

Anera’s medical donations team has quickly sprung into action by sending antibiotics and syringes to Hamshari Hospital, which is located in the close vicinity of Ein El Hilweh. The needs are growing by the minute due to the increasing numbers of injured civilians requiring emergency medical care. You can send $115 worth of medicine for every $1 you give >>

Family hygiene kits

We have delivered 450 personal hygiene kits in coordination with UNRWA. But more are needed! A $35 donation can provide a whole family with a hygiene kit containing essential items to help get through this emergency situation >>

Food assistance

Food is a pressing concern for displaced families. Anera is sourcing ready-to-eat meals, that are healthy and filling, from local hospitality partners. You can provide a meal for $3, including clean drinking water >>


Anera is locally procuring portable solar-charged lights as there isn’t reliable electricity. This is especially important for women’s and girls’ safety at night. A $20 donation can provide a family with one portable light to help them stay safe >>

The situation in Ein El Hilweh requires urgent attention and humanitarian support. Because Anera has ongoing, devoted donors who give consistently, we are already there helping families caught in the middle. It is vital that the international community comes together at moments like these to support people in their time of need. Please give.



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