Delivering Vital Medicines and Supplies to Hospitals and Clinics Across Gaza

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Over the last month our Gaza medical donations team has been working around-the-clock to deliver vital medicines and medical supplies to hospitals and clinics across Gaza. So far we have delivered:

  • 5,816 bottles of children’s antibiotics to 12 clinics and hospitals across Gaza. Thank you Direct Relief!
  • 10 pallets of chronic disease medicines and antibiotics, as well as PPE like gloves and face shields, to Shifa Hospital and 16 other hospitals and clinics in Gaza. Thank you Americares!
  • 126 blood testing kits to the Central Blood Bank Society. This donation covers the needs of the blood bank for six months. Thank you Americares for funding the procurement of these kits from the West Bank.
  • 10 out of 12 different types of vital medicines at the urgent request of Shifa Hospital in Gaza City:
    • 1,000 glass capsules of atracurium muscles relaxants,
    • 500 glass capsules of Dopamine used to treat heart failure,
    • 1,000 glass capsules of esomeprazole antiulcer agent,
    • 2,100 vials of heparine anticoagulant medicine,
    • 6,280 glass capsules of different general anaesthetics,
    • 4,000 glass capsules of lidocaine for local anesthesia,
    • 3,000 prefilled syringes of blood coagulation medicine,
    • 500 glass capsules of Bupivacaine used for local anesthesia,
    • 1,000 glass capsules of antiobiotics to treat infections and
    • 1,500 glass capsules of propofol general anesthesic.

The remaining two vital medicines will be delivered soon! Thank you Ray of Light Foundation for funding the emergency procurement of these medicines.

  • 120,375 disposable masks to International Medical Corps in Gaza.
  • 2,570 prefilled syringes of erythropoietin, used to treat severe anemia that could lead to chronic renal failure.
  • 17 pallets of medical supplies to Shifa Hospital. Anera bought the supplies in the West Bank as part of our Gaza emergency fund.
  • 10 pallets of vital chronic disease medicines — antidiabetics, antihypertensives, antipsychotics, chemotherapy medicine and antibiotics — to 21 hospitals and clinics across Gaza. Thank you for this medical donation, Direct Relief!

Thank you Anera community for supporting health care in Gaza and across Palestine!



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