Destroyed Preschool in Shejaiya, Gaza Gets Rebuilt

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During the 2014 war in Gaza, the Shejaiya neighborhood in the eastern part of Gaza City was heavily bombed. The war damaged hundreds of buildings, leaving thousands of Palestinians homeless. The few preschools in Shejaiya that existed prior to the war were entirely destroyed.

Early childhood development (ECD) is essential to the cognitive, social and emotional growth of children, particularly in conflict zones. That’s why it’s so important for children in Gaza to have access to quality preschools. Yet, two years after the 2014 war, the preschools in this neighborhood were still in ruins.

So in August 2016, Anera completed the reconstruction of Shejaiya’s Young Stars preschool. With funds from Islamic Relief USA and the support of individual donors, Anera built five classrooms, a kitchen, child-friendly facilities and a modern outdoor play area with a water fountain.

Now, some 100 children are enrolled in the brand new preschool. The kids learn in a safe and welcoming environment with new playground equipment, child-sized tables and chairs, reading corners and colorful curtains. Anera also delivered toys, puzzles and books to the school. The preschool teachers are using these materials to engage children in active play. All six teachers at the school will also receive in-service teacher training and mentorship through Anera’s ECD program.

Watch: Children Go Back to School in Shejaiya



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