Eid Is Not A Celebration This Year in Gaza

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Dear Reader,

Here in Gaza, this month we passed another Ramadan under lockdown, another year where we wish we could spend this holiday with family and friends. Now, we are marking Eid with the sound of explosions that erase all thoughts of celebration and joy. There is never a moment of peace or calm. The destruction in Gaza is huge and the scale of anxiety, pain and worry is unimaginable. This is beyond a crisis, it’s a catastrophe.

We are huddled in our homes, holding our children tight, and hoping that we will survive this. There is only fear and devastation around us. Everything is shut down. Even before the missile strikes began this week, we were already dealing with a serious coronavirus situation in Gaza that has landed many in the hospital, and meant economic ruin for many more.

With the escalation of violence against Gaza, Anera has launched an emergency response to serve the most vulnerable communities impacted by this emergency. Our amazing team of ten in Gaza will procure medicines and medical supplies like antibiotics, surgical items and blood bags to help healthcare facilities gear up for further response as bombings in my beloved Gaza continue. And many of my colleagues here will deliver these items, even sometimes at their own peril – because they are devoted to helping their communities.

This Eid, keep Palestine in your thoughts and hearts. Please continue to shine a light during this dark time by donating today to support Anera’s emergency response.

– Rania



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