Empowering Mothers and Children Through Mental Health

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In Lebanon, mental health is a pressing issue exacerbated by the country’s ongoing war in addition to the economic and social challenges. This struggle is felt mostly by mothers and children, who often bear the brunt of the crisis in silence. To address this, Anera, in partnership with Embrace, organized an event aimed at promoting mental health awareness among parents of students enrolled in our capacity-building training program.

Mia Atwi, president of Embrace, poignantly described the situation in an interview on MTV Lebanon:

“Mental health is a topic that impacts everyone in Lebanon, particularly with the deteriorating economic and social conditions. Every day, we witness people struggling on their own without realizing the support available from NGOs, especially the older generation and women in particular. Women’s responsibilities in Lebanon have increased after the crisis, and they are silently suffering.”

Our event specifically targeted mothers, recognizing their pivotal role in supporting their children’s mental health. Abir, a Lifeline supervisor at Embrace, explained,

“We are targeting mothers of students enrolled in capacity-based training with Anera. Our goal is to educate them about mental health and how to support children dealing with psychological problems or suicidal thoughts. In addition to highlighting the importance of self-care, especially for mothers, who are more susceptible to stress and mental health issues.”

Um Ahmad, a mother of one of our students, shared her experience: “Dealing with a child suffering from mental health issues is crucial. It’s important to approach them with care and validation.” She also spoke about her personal way of coping with stress: “My favorite way to unwind when I’m tired or angry is to take my car for a ride. It gives me a sense of freedom and control and helps me relax.”

Sessions like these are vital for raising awareness and providing support where it is most needed. By educating mothers and children about mental health, we can foster a more supportive and understanding community. The long-term benefits of such initiatives are profound, leading to increased resilience and well-being across entire communities.

We invite everyone to join us in supporting mental health initiatives. Whether through volunteering, donating, or spreading the word, your involvement can make a significant difference. Don’t suffer in silence— always speak out and seek help.



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