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Anera Commemorates our 50th Anniversary with Five Different Series

In 1968, Anera started its work delivering humanitarian relief to refugees from the Arab-Israeli War of 1967. Thousands of Palestinians were left homeless and impoverished and a small group of concerned Americans began working to provide immediate assistance to those in need.

Palestinian students at the West Bank school of Jeel Al Amal, one of many that Anera has supported. 1978

Palestinian students at the West Bank school of Jeel Al Amal, one of many educational institutions that Anera has supported through the years. 1978

50 years later, Anera delivers development and relief programs worth nearly $70 million across Palestine and Lebanon, helping refugees and other vulnerable communities.

Anera is commemorating this special anniversary year with five different series that feature content we are excited to share, from historical images to op-eds about our areas of specialty. We hope you find these content series as interesting as we do.

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1. Tapestry of Humanity

This weekly series will give a glimpse — through great photos and films — into the lives of people from all walks of life in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. #tapestryofhumanity

2. Then+Now

We will revisit some of the thousands of projects and people who Anera has worked with over the years to see where they are now — from universities that got their start with Anera’s help to teachers who changed their classroom with new skills they gained. #anerathenandnow

3. 50 for 50

The Olive Press will delve into our deep photo archives and feature one emblematic photo for each year of Anera’s existence. The series will cover one decade at a time, starting in April and finishing in August, when Anera first opened its doors. #anera50for50

4. People of Anera

Throughout 2018, our blog, The Olive Press will publish the words of Anera supporters, who have amazing and inspirational stories of why they are passionate about helping in Palestine and Lebanon and how they came to be part of our wonderful community. #peopleofanera

5. Op-eds | Views from the Field

Anera will be publishing a series of opinion pieces from our expert staff and board on topics relevant to our work, from grappling with issues of water scarcity in Palestine to implementing sports programs in Lebanon as a way of mitigating conflict. #aneraviews



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