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Just hours after the joyous celebrations of Eid Al-Adha began to subside, a new round of violence gripped Jenin. While ongoing escalations of violence have become concerningly common across Palestine, this latest round of destruction, with even more intensity than the fires that scorched the village of Huwara earlier this year, seems to portend spreading violence across Palestine, growing tenser by the hour.

Home to thousands of displaced Palestinians, families in Jenin refugee camp are facing displacement once again. Already, roads have been destroyed to the point that ambulances cannot fully access the camp — there are reports that women have been forced to give birth at home, unable to make it to a hospital. Water networks have sustained heavy damage, leaving taps dry as injuries mount. Many homes and economic centers have been bulldozed or reduced to burnt-out shells. 

Receiving a shipment of 20,000 treatments of antibiotics, pain-killers and other medicines at our Hebron distribution center. Most of the contents is going directly to Jenin to help healthcare centers there respond to the unfolding disaster.

Anera is responding to immediate needs. Already, we have shipped much-needed antibiotic treatments and medical supplies as hospitals are overwhelmed with more and more injured Palestinians. Just as importantly, displaced families are in urgent need of basic supplies like water, hygiene kits and adequate shelter. We’re working with our on-the-ground partners across Palestine to assess needs as they arise to ensure that those who need assistance receive it as soon as possible. Your support is crucial in our emergency relief efforts in Palestine!

Here’s how you can help based on our first assessment of critical needs:

  • $25 can supply water to a family of four for a week
  • $50 can ship $5,750 worth of critically needed medicines and medical supplies to emergency rooms
  • $75 can provide a displaced family with a hygiene kit
  • $100 can provide a food voucher for one month’s supply of food for a family of four

As the situation continues to unfold in Palestine, the needs will continue to grow and change. Immediate relief like medical supplies, water and shelter will always be needed in the face of violence. But what is already apparent with the scale of destruction in Jenin is that long-term response will be required to rebuild damaged water and road infrastructure. While the camp already faced desperate conditions, this current round of violence has made it unlivable for many.

The sustained issues created by these cycles of violence need your sustained support. The reality is, years of outbursts of violence and destruction across the West Bank have greatly weakened infrastructure for all of us. If you are able to make your support monthly, it will help us tackle the underlying issues facing families in Palestine. And when you start a monthly gift of $25 or more today, it will be DOUBLED for the next three months to have twice the impact.

Anything you are able to do today to support the people of Palestine is truly appreciated. The Anera community’s continued commitment to showing up for Palestinians during our most difficult times is exactly how hope will find a way. Thank you, for all that you do.



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