How is Your Money Used to Help Beirut, Lebanon?

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Relief for BEIRUT: We can, together, deliver relief quickly to Beirut.

People all over the world are helping Anera ship emergency supplies to Beirut in the wake of the blast that damaged much of the city.

Our medical donations team is working now on eight major shipments of donated medical aid from trusted partners to be air freighted to Lebanon. And we have more shipments in the works.

Anera can get things there quickly, because of years of experience.

Experienced and trusted

Anera has been working in Lebanon for 4+ decades, delivering aid and supporting opportunities for vulnerable communities in Lebanon.

Today, Anera distributes millions of dollars worth of medicines, hospital equipment, wheelchairs, and health care supplies that would not otherwise be available to patients in need.

Aid that matters

Anera’s knowledgeable staff ensure that no materials are wasted and partners receive what they really need – not what just happens to be available. Our teams maintain relationships with hospitals and health clinics to only solicit medicines that doctors need and will use. In the last year alone, we delivered $80+ million worth of medicines and medical supplies to health care facilities in Palestine and Lebanon.

We get support to where it’s needed – FAST

Anera reviews all offers of medical donations within 48 hours. We continuously update needs lists through frequent contact with health care providers in Lebanon.

Decades of building relationships combined with deep knowledge of international shipping logistics ensure vital supplies are quickly put to use.

Anera coordinates shipments through every step of the journey. Our good reputation and connections mean Anera can get shipments cleared through customs quickly.

In an emergency, coordination counts!

Anera has a distribution plan and works with other organizations in Lebanon to coordinate our response. We make sure that distributions to hospitals and clinics are fair and equitable.

The surge of support for Lebanon right now means working within a plan is more important than ever to avoid chaotic and inefficient aid distribution.



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