Investing in Palestinian Women, Strengthening Palestinian Communities

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Lasting change occurs when mothers and female leaders are engaged. When women have access to educational and economic opportunities, they invest in their families and communities. This investment, in turn, strengthens an entire society. In this video we hear from women who are empowered by Anera projects, women who lead our partner organizations, and women who are part of Anera’s staff in the Middle East.



In the late 1970s, during a lull in the Lebanese Civil War, a small plane laden with 60 tons of medications landed at the Beirut airport. The air shipment was the result of a real grassroots effort. As a student…

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Messages from Lebanon’s youth I was in Washington DC last month for Anera’s annual gala on October 11. During my visit, I also participated in a series of strategic meetings and events. I had a very fruitful week there. I met…

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Conflict between Gaza and Israel is once again escalating this week. The following account of the current situation for civilians in Gaza comes from a call with an Anera Gaza staff member. “It was quiet for about 6 hours overnight…

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