A New Computer Room for a West Bank Girls’ School

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With only $20,000, Anera fully equipped the computer room at Kufur Thulth Girls’ Secondary School near Qalqilia, West Bank. With regular access to good computers and reliable Internet, the 400 girls at the school are using the tools they need to build their future in today’s technological world.



For a second year, Muslims around the world are now celebrating the holy month of Ramadan under the unusual restrictions created by the pandemic. This is a month when the observant fast from dawn to dusk, as a reminder that…

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Check out what's happening on Gaza rooftops! Anera donors are funding some creative new ways of gardening with very little water, which is so very precious in Gaza. Come with us on a visit to a beautiful oasis on a...

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Palestine Children’s Day is observed on April 5th of every year. In 1995, Yasser Arafat started the commemorative day as a way of shedding light on the injustices and struggles that Palestinian children confront under occupation. Palestinian children have trouble…

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