Non-Formal Education for Refugee Youth in Lebanon

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Now in its fifth year, the Syrian crisis continues to devastate the lives of millions of families. In Lebanon, nearly 1.3 million refugees are crowded into the poorest areas of the country. For refugee youth, the situation is especially difficult.

Many refugee teens in Lebanon, like 16-year-old Sami from Syria, find themselves unable to attend school in Lebanon because they have to work long hours to help provide for their families or can’t afford tuition.

Drawing on years of experience with non-formal education for refugee youth and Palestinian teens, Anera kicked off its Quick Impact Skills Development project with UNICEF in November 2014, aimed at providing adolescent refugees with the transferable skills they need to become empowered, productive members of society.

Meet Sami, a 16-year-old Refugee Returning to Education in Lebanon



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