Nursing Student in Lebanon Gets a Nursing Job

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Palestinian refugees face many challenges in Lebanon and are excluded from socioeconomic opportunities. Many have turned to alternative educational opportunities which provide them with access to practical skills and solid career paths.

Anera’s vocational training programs, funded by UNICEF, cover a range of fields, including nursing. This film features Ali, who just got a good nursing job in Tripoli after graduating from one of our nursing courses.




Anera distributes essential medications for chronic diseases to more than fifty medical centers across Lebanon as part of our CARMAH program.

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No one should be left behind when it comes to water. This year for World Water Day Anera is highlighting water preserving farming practices in Gaza.

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The vision for Women Can began in 2019 when our staff in Palestine saw a unique opportunity to support and mentor women with entrepreneurial vision. The project began in the West Bank and expanded to Gaza in its third year…

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