Our Environment, Our Home – A Walk in Lebanon’s Woods

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A couple hours out in nature offered youths a respite from the tough times Lebanon is experiencing. With the backdrop of a serious financial crisis in Lebanon, 100 of Anera’s youth volunteers, in partnership with UNHCR and the municipality of Khirbet Rouha, set out on an ecological mountain hike in the Bekaa Valley. They called it “Our Environment, Our Home.”

These youths’ day out was aimed at creating a safe space for convergence, dialogue, and appreciation for Lebanon’s natural environment. The law in Lebanon often discourages youths’ active participation in the formulation of public decisions and policies. To empower youth, Anera seeks to encourage regular dialogue to promote the spirit of coexistence and embrace diversity. We also foster young peoples’ civic engagement.

This hike promoted discussion on a range of important environmental topics. The young people also weeded and cleaned the walking trails. They were rewarded afterward with a wonderful, healthy lunch.

Volunteers and officials from other partnering local organizations also joined in the day’s activities, including Al-Rawhaa Charitable Association, the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative, and the Rashaya and Beyond Association.



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