Overview of Anera’s Response in Gaza (Video)

The people of Gaza are enduring a humanitarian catastrophe. Tens of thousands of Gazans have been killed or injured, and 70% of the population has been displaced by forced evacuations and bombings. Everyone in Gaza faces an uncertain future.

Anera’s dedicated Gaza team, made up of our staff, volunteers, local partners, vendors, and suppliers, has surged in numbers.

With approximately 450 individuals working on the ground, Anera is delivering humanitarian aid in Gaza every day, despite shortages of all kinds, bombed roads, and electricity cuts. Our commitment to life-saving interventions isn’t just rhetoric — it’s evident in our response: millions of meals served, tens of thousands of hygiene kits distributed, hundreds of thousands of medical treatments delivered and shelters regularly cleaned.

In the midst of a collapsing healthcare system, Anera is hosting free healthcare days with medical staffand medicines near shelters. The results of Anera’s past development work in Gaza now prove indispensable.

Schools shelter displaced families, and solar-powered reverse osmosis systems provide daily water and power for recharging devices. For years, Anera has championed the principle of localization, and it has proven invaluable.

Our staff’s ability to make decisions locally, unburdened by bureaucratic obstacles, has been key to their swift and effective response. The Palestine team was able to take quick action in Gaza, implementing crucial interventions within a mere 48 hours. However, challenges persist.

Fuel and drinking water are virtually depleted. Overcrowded shelters face respiratory infections, diarrhea, and chickenpox. Only some 46 trucks per day, less than 10% of the prewar average, are allowed into Gaza, hindering aid and relief efforts.

Anera has been able to bring in trucks with food and medical supplies, and we have plans for many more, including some loaded with tents for families sleeping on the streets. Our team will also continue hosting mobile healthcare clinics in vulnerable areas and delivering the essentials for living.

In the long-term, with you, we will be there to rebuild Gaza. We must come together to help save innocent lives.



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