Rahma Shehade (Anera’s very own Mary Poppins) – International Women’s Day 2020 Profile

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Rahma Shehade, also known as Um Hadi, has been working at Anera’s main office in Beirut since 2017. She is a Palestinian mother of four from Safad District. Like many of the people we serve, she has been a refugee in Lebanon her entire life.

As office manager at Anera, she ensures that the office is well-stocked, organized and clean. But Rahma has been so much more than her official role. For us, Um Hadi is the embodiment of love. She listens to everyone’s complaints and provides emotional support. “She was our second mom and our keeper of secrets,” says Louai Ladki, the grants and operations coordinator in Anera’s Beirut office.

Rahma is retiring to spend time with her family. We will sorely miss her heartwarming smile in the office.

Rahma Shehade – Anera’s very own Mary Poppins! Anera recently held a lunch to honor her dedication to Anera and the unconditional love she has shown to all of us. We will miss her as our Lebanon office manager and wish her the very best in her much deserved retirement.
Rahma with some of the Anera - Lebanon staff behind her.
Rahma with some of the Anera – Lebanon staff behind her.


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