Rebuilding Homes After the Beirut Blast in Lebanon

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The explosion at the Port of Beirut in the capital city of Lebanon damaged over 62,000 residential spaces and 20,000 business buildings. With support from Anera’s community, we are able to rebuild homes and buildings that were damaged. Anera’s Mohamad Hassoun walks us through one renovation.




Anera is working with families in Jerash Palestinian refugee camp to provide a sustainable source of food security amid high prices and food scarcity.

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Happy Olive Oil Day! Olive oil production and olive trees are such a special part of Palestinian heritage. Our team member Sulieman explains more.

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In celebration of Za’atar Day on Sept. 23, we asked our friend Chef Fadi Kattan to tell us about the many different ways za’atar can be enjoyed. A staple in Palestinian kitchens, Chef tells us some of the ways he…

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