Ridiculous Sky

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Ridiculous sky today
Baby-boy blue
Cloud bellies, soft silver of old coins
Topped with Fragonard bosoms bubbling sodium white.
Murillo was never so embarrassing

Fluffy-headed, ditzy clouds
Cheesy and cheery
Just not serious
Not respected
Not somber sober soulful

Triumphalist froth just not a good look
When evil everywhere is sparring with good
Spearing the well-meaning in their side
When the beast with bear feet and lion mouth is
Chasing after refugees already fleeing
When hospitals are bombed
Bodies rot under rubble
Babies blue-bruised
Water shut off
Food embargoed

What sky dares carouse on a day like this?
This day we reject your pretty cheeriness
And turn our eyes to the ground

This poem, about the Gaza war, is by Teresa Barger, a long-time Anera board member.



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