Anera CEO Sean Carroll Reports from Gaza

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Anera President and CEO Sean Carroll visited Gaza this December. These are his reports from three different types of projects that give people access to clean water for irrigation, sewage systems in their homes and cultural growth opportunities.

From a Desalinization Unit in Rafah

This is Sean’s report from a reverse osmosis system Anera installed in Rafah, Gaza to irrigate the crops of 10 farmers. Clean, desalinated water means happier, sweeter plants!

Last year, before the RO unit, one farmer produced six tons of peppers, selling for about 1.5 NIS per kilo. That’s about 9,000 NIS (about $2,600). This year, with the RO unit, one month into the season, he expects to produce 20 tons of larger peppers, selling for 2.8 NIS per kilo. That’s about 56,000 NIS (about $16,300) – more than a sixfold increase in revenue!

From a Sewage Network in Khan Younis

Sean reports from a street in Khan Younis, the site where Anera is installing sewage pipes that will serve hundreds of families in the area. This OCHA-funded project makes a major difference in people’s lives!

From a Culture Center in North Gaza

Sean reports from the Gaza Culture and Development Center in North Gaza. With funding from USAID, Anera built this state-of-the-art center to provide vocational training in several in-demand professions. It includes a recording studio for marketing and e-commerce, where Sean starts his tour.




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